Parker McCollum Says Wife Hallie Ray Is ‘That Constant High’ In His Life

“There is no comedown anymore with her. She’s that constant high,” McCollum shared


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 6, 2023

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Parker McCollum, Hallie Ray; Photo via Instagram

A lot has changed for Parker McCollum in the last few years, between his rising success as an artist and solidifying the deep connection in his relationship with his wife, Hallie Ray Light. The country star recently revealed that in that time, he’s come to realize just how much Hallie has impacted his life and career as a whole.

During an interview on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country, McCollum explained that he’s finally found the “constant high” in Hallie that he had been searching for throughout all the late nights and massive stages at the start of his career. 

“[With] Hallie Ray, my wife, there is no comedown anymore with her. I think that’s what is missing in that early time is it’s just human nature, you want that connection and whatever. And, with Hallie Ray I have that, and so there is no comedown anymore with her. She’s that constant high,” he gushed. “I know it sounds mushy and deep, but I’ve thought a lot about this. It’s funny that you ask and for a lot of years now, and since I’ve been with her and we’ve been as good as we’ve been, there is no come down.”

Parker McCollum and Hallie Ray; Photo by Jason Kempin, Getty Images for CMT
Parker McCollum and Hallie Ray; Photo by Jason Kempin, Getty Images for CMT

In addition, McCollum has also decided to take this new outlook on life and start slowing things down so that he can truly appreciate every bit of the milestones and opportunities that come his way. 

“When I first started selling out shows, even the two, 3,000 person rooms around Texas, when we were selling them out and it was really going well for us really early,” he shared. “The high was so big until you’d wake up the next day and you just realize everybody that’s ever done this on any level is a normal person and you don’t ride off on a magic carpet afterwards and it’s all good and gravy.”

He continued, “It’s just real life, and so one, I’ve learned to try to intentionally enjoy the night. And when we play big shows like the Houston Rodeo and stuff like that, ‘hey, slow it down and appreciate how many healthy, alive family members you have here,’ and for big stuff, things like that.”

New Music

The Texas native is likely to carry this mentality into his next set of music as he prepares to share his highly-anticipated album. Fans got a taste of what’s to come in his most recent release, “Stoned.”

“I was going to save this song to be released with the album but, after the fans demanded it be released sooner, I decided to go ahead and give it to them,” McCollum shared in a release. “This song says so much while saying so little, which is exactly how I like it to be. I hope they love it!”

Written by Parker McCollum, Brett James, and Mark Holman, this track serves as an honest confession about “why I stay stoned.” 

YouTube video

 “I cry when it’s rainin’ / I cry when it’s dark / I feel like thе whole world won’t ever undеrstand my heart / That’s the hardest part / Of bein’ alone / That’s why I stay stoned,” he sings in the chorus. 

The singer/songwriter previously hinted at the track list of his upcoming collection of songs. While most of the titles were crossed out, fans were able to see that “Stoned” and “Handle On You” will both be featured, in addition to an unreleased song that he recently teased on social media titled, “Lessons From An Old Man.”

The new music will follow McCollum throughout his slew of tour dates in 2023. He announced a slew of tour dates for the year with an impressive group of rising County artists including Corey Kent, Catie Offerman, Larry Fleet, Jackson Dean, Flatland Cavalry, and Texas staple, the Randy Rogers Band. 

Beginning in the spring, he will also serve as a special guest on Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time World Tour along with HARDY, Ernest and Bailey Zimmerman. 

Parker McCollum’s next performance is slated for February 2 in Columbus, OH.

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