Proud Dad Morgan Wallen Says No Career Milestone Has Meant More Than His Son’s Birth

In terms of career milestones, Morgan Wallen has had a banner year in 2020, from making his Saturday Night Live…


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December 16, 2020

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Morgan Wallen, Indie

In terms of career milestones, Morgan Wallen has had a banner year in 2020, from making his Saturday Night Live debut to notching major chart and streaming successes to being crowned New Artist of the Year at November’s CMA Awards. But no memory has been more life-changing than the birth of his son, Wallen told Country Now and other outlets at a recent virtual press event.

The singer and his ex, Katie Smith, welcomed baby Indigo Wilder back in July. At the time, Wallen broke the news to fans on social media with an emotional post saying, “it’s not just me anymore, and I’m glad it’s not…You are a gift and this tough year just made sense.”


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Now that Indigo is five months old, Wallen admits that becoming a father still feels a little “surreal” to him sometimes.

“I still kind of have to look down and see some expression he made and be like, ‘Wow, yeah, that really is my kid,’” the singer recounts. “It’s been cool to kinda get to see him grow up a little bit. You know, he’s five months — not talking or anything like that yet — but he’s starting to get his personality and laugh and things like that. Things that make people unique to themselves.

“That’s been really cool to see, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it,” Wallen continues.

As much as little Indigo is growing into his own personality, he bears a remarkable resemblance to his country star dad — a point that his mom underscored on Halloween when she hilariously dressed him up as a mini-Morgan Wallen. Indigo wouldn’t be the first Wallen boy to take after his father, though: The singer admits that as a kid, he was something of a mini-me himself.

“Everybody always talks about how similar me and my dad are,” he says. “Just with the way we speak, the expressions we use, personality, looks, everything. I think I got a lot of who I am from my dad.”

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