Randall King Delivers Double Dose Of New Tunes

These tracks give fans a taste of what’s to come on King’s forthcoming album.


Lexi Liby

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August 23, 2023


12:19 pm

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Randall King; Photo Courtesy of Yve Assad

Randall King recently released two new songs, a cover of Alan Jackson’s “The One You’re Waiting On,” and “Hard To Be Humble.” 

Though they are both love songs, “The One You’re Waiting On” focuses more on heartbreak, and “Hard To Be Humble” emphasizes the feeling of being smitten. 

Covering Alan Jackson’s song “The One You’re Waiting On,” King sings about all the feelings and questions one may have when a love they once had slipped away. From the moment he heard Jackson sing this classic, he knew that he needed to re-record it and put his own spin on it.

“The One You’re Waiting On”

YouTube video

“The first time I heard this song, I had it playing in my truck and was just blown away, pretty sure I missed a turn,” King shared in a statement. “The song is just incredible. I have sung along to it so many times runnin’ down the highway. I have always loved it and you can hear my passion for this song reflected in my vocals. I’m beyond excited to have this one out there.”

The upbeat and flirty tune “Hard To Be Humble,” depicts a man wanting to show his girl off to the world. The man knows it’s wrong to brag about what you have, but he just can’t help himself when it comes to the one he loves. 

“No I can’t help talk about you / walk a little taller in my old boots / Never liked showing off what I got / But look at you baby, how could I not / Ain’t anybody else that I wanna be / When every guy in here wants to be me / Walking in with you on my arm /  Lovin’ you’s easy, but girl it’s so hard to be humble,” King sings in the chorus. 

“Hard To Be Humble”

YouTube video

King explained in a recent press release that the song came to be in an unexpected way. 

“We were pitched ‘Hard To Be Humble’ by my buddy Jake Gear (who produces Hailey Whitters), and the email had gotten lost in the mess of what my inbox is. Two days before we went in to cut I just happened to be going back through my old emails and found this song sittin’ there, put it on, and went ‘Whoa… how was this song missed?!’ We cut this catchy fun love song and boy I got to tell ya, I’m sure glad I double-checked my Gmail that day!”

Following this recent double release, the “Around Forever” singer will release a new album this fall. These two fresh singles will be included project and they will give fans a glimpse of what’s to come from the country crooner. 

Randall King; Artwork Courtesy Warner Music Nashville
Randall King; Artwork Courtesy Warner Music Nashville

All while teasing new music, Randall King kicked off “Kingfest” at the Nashville Palace on Friday, August 18 for his first of two back-to-back shows in Music City. Tyler Booth, Braxton Keith, Drake Milligan, and Jon Stork all provided support during the two-day festival. 

On Tour

The Warner Music Nashville signee will hit the road throughout the next couple of months, performing all over the world. He will begin his international journey in September where he will play 11 shows throught the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein. 

Upon his return to the States, King will provide support on select dates for Jon Pardi’s “Mr. Saturday Night World Tour.”  

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