Randall King Keeps Traditional Country Music Alive with Upcoming Major Label Debut, ‘Shot Glass’

Randall King; Photo by Yve Assad
Randall King; Photo by Yve Assad
Randall King; Photo by Yve Assad

Country Now Artist To Watch Randall King has waited years to released his first-ever major label debut album and that dream will finally become a reality in 2022. 

The country music traditionalist is set to release his debut project, Shot Glass, on March 18. The album includes 11 tracks, eight of which were co-written by the Texas native. The album is centered around a night out at a bar, with each song representing a different point of view from this in the room. 

“This record is four years in the making, and there are a lot of things I’ve gone through in those years,” said King. “Heartbreak, love, loss, fear, anger, peace. You hear all of that through this record. It’s a piece of me that I love and can’t wait to share with the world, for it to resonate and hit folks right where they need. There are songs I’ve written over the last five years on this record, some I’ve played out and some nobody has heard yet. I’m excited to drop it and let it off the chain!”

Shot Glass was produced by Bart Butler and Ryan Gore. 

Fans got a sneak peek of the album with the release of several tracks, including “You In A Honk Tonk,” “Baby Do,” and “Record High,” in 2021. 

King is undoubtedly one of the most promising country music traditionalists of this era. Anyone who is a fan of artists like George Strait and Alan Jackson will surely  appreciate King’s brand of country. 


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Shot Glass follows King’s 2020 EP, Leanna, which was named after his late sister. The EP reflected on the personal struggles the singer/songwriter faced following her unexpected death. 

Randall King has several toured dates planned for the new year. Fans can click HERE for a full list of shows. 

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