Ray Fulcher Pens Heartfelt Letter To Fans On Eve Of His Debut Album Release

Ray Fulcher penned a heartfelt letter to his fans on the eve of his debut album release. Fulcher’s debut album,…


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June 9, 2022


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Ray Fulcher; Photo by David McClister

Ray Fulcher penned a heartfelt letter to his fans on the eve of his debut album release. Fulcher’s debut album, Spray Painted Line will be released via Larkin Hill Records under an exclusive license to Black River Entertainment on June 10.

Ahead of his big release, Fulcher took to Instagram to share a message with his fans, noting that he’s dreamed of writing and singing country music since the first time he saw Eric Church in concert.

Ray Fulcher; Photo by David McClister
Ray Fulcher; Photo by David McClister

“Before my album comes out tonight, I wanted y’all to hear a couple things from me. All I’ve ever wanted to do since the night I saw Eric Church play for the first time when I was 19…was to sing and play country music. I’ll never forget the moment this dream was placed in my heart. It was like everything I’d ever known was turned upside down right there inside of Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA…and I had finally found the true north on my compass,” he started off the letter.

“Since that night, my journey has been filled with extreme highs. I’ve written number 1 songs…I’ve been on tour with one of my best friends in the world on one of biggest tours in the world…I’ve played my dream venue the Grand Ole Opry…I’ve met and worked with some of my heroes…I’ve made friends who will forever be like family to me. I’ve made art that I’m really damn proud of. I’ve cried happy tears. I’ve also faced some really low lows. BUT, through it all…the dream lived on. The fight was still there. The burning desire to move people the way I was moved that night standing there jaw-dropped when I heard ‘Lightning’ was never shaken. All of that…has led to this. My debut album,” Fulcher continued.

“So, to all the fans, listeners, and future listeners of this album…my hope is that you truly take a deep dive in. I hope you find yourself in it, I hope you get lost in it, I hope you heal, I hope you laugh, I hope you call up a long lost friend, I hope you cry if that’s what you need in the moment. I hope you know that every single word is for YOU and was written with you in mind. I hope that some song or some line or some melody makes your life better in some way or to be the soundtrack to your best days or your worst days. This album isn’t about me, it’s about you.”

“To my mom, dad, my sister, my friends and other family, the songwriters I get to work with everyday, my nashville community, everyone else on my team, those who are no longer with me either in Heaven or somewhere else along your path here on Earth…the impact you’ve made on me are in the words of these songs. Thank you for moving me, thank you for being the only inspiration I could ever need.”

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Fulcher ended his message saying he was “still just beginning” and his album’s name was symbolic of that. The title comes from the first lyric of the first song, with a spray-painted line marking the starting point of a race, he shared.

Fulcher’s song, “Anything Like You Dance” is currently at country radio and has been streamed over 21 million times.

Fulcher, who is a 2022 CMA Triple Play Honoree, produced his album with Jonathan Singleton.

Ray Fulcher - Cover Art
Ray Fulcher – Cover Art

Spray Painted Line Track Listing:

  1. “All Gas No Brakes” (Ray Fulcher, Jordan Walker, Zach Abend)
  2. “Sellin’ Cars” (Ray Fulcher, Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Lance Miller)
  3. “Anything Like You Dance” (Ray Fulcher, Jonathan Singleton, Thom McHugh)
  4. “Girl In It” (Ray Fulcher, Erik Dylan, James McNair)
  5. “If You Like Your Boys Like That” (Ray Fulcher, Cole Taylor)
  6. “John Wayne” (Ray Fulcher, John Pierce, Paul DiGiovanni)
  7. “Compliment” (Ray Fulcher, Jacob Durrett)
  8. “After The Rain” (Ray Fulcher, Matt Jenkins, AJ Pruis)
  9. “Life Changing Money” (Ray Fulcher, Cole Taylor, Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin)
  10. “So Far So Bad” (Ray Fulcher, Jonathan Singleton, Matt Roy)
  11. “Bucket List Beers” (Ray Fulcher, Luke Combs, Tim Nichols, Chris Yarber)
  12. “The Battle Of Betty’s Love” (Eric Church, Jon Stone)
  13. “Damn If It Didn’t Hurt” (Ray Fulcher, Jordan Walker, Drew Parker)
  14. “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs” (Jordan Walker, Ben Hayslip)
  15. “Hearts To Break” (Ray Fulcher, Jonathan Singleton)
  16. “Way Out” (Ray Fulcher, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, Michael Ray, Taylor Phillips, Andrew DeRoberts)
  17. “Sorry, Heart” (Ray Fulcher, Jameson Rodgers, Dan Isbell)
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