Re-Live Carrie Underwood’s Iconic ‘American Idol’ Audition

Carrie Underwood was just 21 at the time of her audition.


Lauren Jo Black

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August 8, 2022

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Carrie Underwood, American Idol Audition; Photo via YouTube

On August 8, 2004, Carrie Underwood took a leap of faith and auditioned for American Idol at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. 

The Oklahoma native was a small-town girl who had never even stepped foot on an airplane when she auditioned for the show. 

Her mom, Carol admitted she was nervous prior to her audition. “I just think she’s beautiful and I think she’s got the voice, so I hope she’s going on, but I don’t know.” 

The future superstar could be seen pacing down the hallway before her audition. 

Taking a chance to showcase her talent in front of then-Idol judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, Underwood delivered a heartfelt rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” 

When asked if she was nervous, Underwood admitted she was and said that Simon Cowell was “a little scary.” 

She then recalled her days of being a quarterback for a flag football team and revealed a quirky little secret. 

“Carrie, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” Cowell asked. “Did you have something you shouldn’t have had?”

“Yes, I did,” Underwood confessed, laughing. “It just looked like a mole. It was a third nipple.”

Cowell asked Underwood where it was located and she pointed to the top of her ribcage. 

“Why’d you get rid of it?” Cowell questioned. 

“‘Cause, um, it really just looked like a mole,” Underwood explained. “People, if I’d wear, like, a two-piece bathing suit, they’d ask me what it was. And I’d say it was a birthmark ‘cause it was. But I kind of got a little self-conscious of it, and I got it taken off.”

“I would’ve just moved it onto my hand or something,” Cowell laughed. 

Extra skin aside, Underwood completely wowed the judges with her stunning vocals. 

Cowell and Jackson both complimented Underwood before Cowell coerced her to cluck like a chicken. 

“I’m surprised we haven’t found a good country singer in this competition yet,” Cowell noted. 

Little did he know Carrie Underwood would go on to win the competition and become one of country music’s biggest stars.

Underwood has sold more than 66 million records worldwide, recorded 28 No.1 singles, and has seven albums that are certified Platinum or Multi-Platinum by the RIAA. She’s an eight-time GRAMMY winner and remains one of the most successful artists in the country music format. 

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