Renee Blair Introduces Her Alter Ego ‘Hillbetty’ In A New Romance-Filled Tune, ‘Hillbillies and Betties’

This marks the second release off the country singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album.


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November 28, 2023


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Photo Courtesy Renee Blair

Renee Blair embarks on a new musical era with her cinematic lovestruck tale, “Hillbillies and Betties.” This romantic narrative illustrates the charm of small-town love while offering the backstory to the character Betty, who’s named after her alter ego, “Hillbetty.”

Where Did The Term “Hillbetty” Come From?

While teasing the song on Instagram prior to its official release on Friday, November 17, Blair explained the meaning behind the term “Hillbetty” and how it first stemmed from her encounter with a group of hard-working women who put aside their responsibilities and fully embraced their wild sides once they touched down in Nashville for a bachelorette party.

“The philosophy is that inside every woman there is a bad girl, or every girl has an inner wild side,” Blair began. “I was super inspired by all of the crazy bachelorette parties that have taken over Nashville because I bumped into one group and they were like, ‘I’m a first grade teacher’ or ‘I’m a dental hygienist.’ But not when they’re in Nashville; they just want to rage.”

Standing Out Amid The Forthcoming Collection Of Party Anthems

She went on to tease that her forthcoming album will be filled with a collection of lively party anthems, while “Hillbillies and Betties” distinguishes itself with a slower tempo and deeper storyline that hits close to home for the female country star.

“My upcoming album is full of party-going anthems, however, ‘Hillbillies & Betties’ is different,” Blair explained in a release. “It’s the only one that stands alone and stands apart on the album. This song is sonically reminiscent of old country classics and tells a timeless tale of small-town love without any percussion like ‘House That Built Me.’ This is as pure country as pure country gets.” 

Renee Blair and Jordan Schmidt; Photo by Jamie Schramm/CMA
Renee Blair and Jordan Schmidt; Photo by Jamie Schramm/CMA

“Hillbillies and Betties” is produced by Blair’s husband, Jordan Schmidt, and written by Blair with Blake Pendergrass, Nick Bailey, and Lenny Pey. It pays tribute to the spark that comes alive in small-town romances while painting the picture of an enduring and genuine love story. The track is accompanied by a soft melody and banjo tones that highlight Blair’s gentle yet impressive vocals. 

“As long as hillbillies and Betties are fallin’ in love /  In some dot on a map you’ve never heard of / They’ll be two straws in a Pepsi / People saving pennies / And windows foggin’ up in a Chevy / Hillbillies and Betties / Hillbillies and Betties,”  Blair sings in the chorus. 

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Coming Hot On The Heels Of Her Viral Hit, “Holy Cowboy”

Blair is set to release her second album HILLBETTY in the summer of 2024, as an extension of the successful narrative she established in her debut album Seventeen. “Hillbillies and Betties” marks the second release to come from her next project, following her viral hit “Holy Cowboy.” This upbeat and thrilling tune resulted in over 40,000 user-generated videos and fully displays the rowdy party scene. 

“Holy cowboy / Show me round the town, boy / All these neon lights with country music playin’ loud boy / You / Lucky bronco / You da / Hottest / Honcho / So if you gonna kiss me then come kiss me / Do it now boy / Oo / Holy cowboy,” Blair chants in the genre-bending chorus. 

Renee Blair - Holy Cowboy; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram
Renee Blair – Holy Cowboy; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram

The Missouri-raised singer is coming off some major success as a songwriter as she continues to relish in the numerous nominations for her co-write on HARDY and Lainey Wilson’s duet, “Wait In The Truck.” This year, the song received a nomination for an ACM Award, a CMA Award, and two People’s Choice Country Awards. 

Fans can keep up with Renee Blair on Instagram @reneeblair.

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