Restless Road Details Picture-Perfect Love Story In New Single, ‘Growing Old With You’

The ancient motto, “Finding true love is a difficult thing, but once you find it, it will last forever,” is…


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January 24, 2022

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Restless Road; Photo by Angelea Presti

The ancient motto, “Finding true love is a difficult thing, but once you find it, it will last forever,” is one that individuals constantly hear on repeat. While that simple saying remains prevalent today, many will agree that the meaning behind the word “love” has changed over time. 

When hopeless romantics close their eyes and envision a picture-perfect relationship, they tend to visualize a fairytale-like scenario – where chivalry is still alive, divorce is unheard of, and couples go the extra mile for one another. 

While the way society obtains love has changed in the 21st Century, the men of Restless Road have confirmed in their new single “Growing Old With You” that the optimists we speak of are not wrong and they proved within each heavy lyric that old-school love still exists today.  


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On Friday, January 21, the touching ballad that was penned by Lady A’s Charles Kelley, Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton and produced by Jerod Keim was released. The heartwarming melody that serves as a reminder that the “right person” will bring a lifetime of happiness has been stored away in their back pocket since 2020. 

During an exclusive interview with Country Now, Zach Beeken, Colton Pack, and Garrett Nichols revealed that “Growing Old With You” marks a pivotal musical moment, as they never recorded a true love ballad before. Therefore, when they got offered to cut the track – they jumped on the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and make a Charles Kelley original their own. 

“We didn’t get to meet him before we recorded the song, but we have been texting, and he really likes the track. So, hopefully, we can get in a room with him and write,” declared Beeken before Nichols chimed in to mention that Kelley has always been a musical inspiration to the group. “He definitely has been someone we have always looked up to, and to be able to form a relationship with him, it’s been pretty cool.” 


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The award-winning musician is not the only one with an ear for a good melody, as “Growing Old With You” has already received praise from fans worldwide. “Just based off of social media, it really seems like people are drawn to this song. It’s something different than anything else we have put out. Already people are using the audio to make videos on TikTok and Instagram,” they shared ahead of the release. 

The moving melody that has garnered hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok alone is destined to be the wedding song of 2022, as it perfectly describes the idea of traditional love. Beeken shared that each lyric embodies the type of woman and relationship he would like to have in the future. “I hope people listen to it and hear something about their person. If they are single, I hope they can listen to the song, and it helps them manifest the relationship they are looking for.” 

While the lyrics touched Beeken’s heart a certain way as a single bachelor, Nichols confessed that he knew he had to record the single because it immediately reminded him of his late grandparents. “I had grandparents that were married for 74 years,” he said. “I think they got an award for being the longest-married couple in Alabama or something. But, every time I hear this song, it kind of reminds me of what they had when they were still around. They would tell me about how they met and their whole story. How long they have been together is just really inspiring,” he adds. 

The beautiful ballad that captures their contagious sound and goosebump-provoking harmonies is just the beginning for the promising trio, as they confirmed that more music is currently on its way. “You can 100% expect more music from us,” confessed Pack. “At this point in time in our career, we’re just trying to put out as much music to our fans as possible. Especially coming out of the Blessed & Free Tour and then hitting into our Bar Friends Tour – we want as much music out as possible for our fans. So, they can come and sing along.” 

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Restless Road told Country Now that their time performing alongside Kane Brown has prepared them for their upcoming venture. “It’s been a wonderful experience getting to know everyone and just learning from him, learning from the people around him, and just getting to know him personally. It’s just all been wonderful, and it’s really helped us get to where we are now. I don’t think we would even be close to where we are without Kane….we really do appreciate everything he’s done for us,” Beeken added while gushing with gratitude. Before Beeken could even complete his sentence, Pack mentioned that Brown’s guidance was “comforting” while out on the road. 

“He would sit side stage and tell us, ‘you got to be real with people. Whatever comes out, don’t be afraid to go off-script.’ We have taken his advice, and I think our shows have just gotten better and better because of it,” he shared, full of excitement. 

With new skills under their belt, the star-studded group hopes to finish the Blessed & Free tour off strong. They also wish to take the positive momentum and exposure and apply it to their headlining run. As the men gear up to tackle a new chapter of their music career in early April, they revealed that they are currently on a talent search for the next hottest artist on social media. Similar to how Kane gave them a chance to live out their dream, they would like to pay it forward and provide a musical hopeful the opportunity to open their show. 

“We haven’t done this yet, but we were thinking of putting up on our social media an opportunity for some people to duet a video with us and almost audition for the opening slot. We would love to meet them and make content. I think it will make the show more exciting too,” says the group. “We think it’s really important because essentially Kane did that for us, and to give others people who wouldn’t normally get a chance to do something like this and to give them the opportunity would be awesome. We are excited to see what kind of response we get.” 

Tickets to their Bar Friends Tour are currently on the market, and their new hit “Growing Old With You” is now available and ready to be played on repeat.  

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