Runaway June Steps Into New Chapter With The Release Of ‘Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)’

Runaway June just released their first song since welcoming new member, Stevie Woodward to the trio that also includes members Jennifer Wayne…


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 31, 2022


11:42 am

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Runaway June; Photo by Acacia Evans

Runaway June just released their first song since welcoming new member, Stevie Woodward to the trio that also includes members Jennifer Wayne and Natalie Stovall.

“Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” serves as an empowering anthem that embraces even the most unhinged actions that may occur in the post-breakup stage. Runaway June chose to skip the slow, tear-jerking melody and dive headfirst into the era of resilience and the celebration of the closing of a chapter.  

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“I just feel like it’s just a girl anthem and a guy anthem,” Wayne told Country Now and other outlets. “We’ve all gotten our hearts broken and we’ve all done some stupid things when your heart’s broken, and I just feel like none of us take ourselves too seriously and we wanna put out music that’s real and authentic and all of us have been in that situation. If it can help someone else and if someone else relates to it or is going through it at the time, that’s the whole point of music. So I think it’s just a fun breakup song.”

While Wayne was on maternity leave, awaiting the birth of her first daughter, Lily Maria, Woodward and Stovall were experimenting with their musical talents. The creative process of developing this song allowed them to find new instrumental elements that added that missing piece to the final product that they had been searching for. 

“I feel like this is one of the ones that our producers kept just handing me and Stevie different instruments that we’d never played before, and experiment is the right word. This was the track that we worked the most on because there were some things that we just felt were missing.”

“It was so fun to mess around with cause when it finally clicked, it was like, ‘Oh, that’s it. That’s, that’s what we want,” Stovall said on the instrumentation. 

This single is the start of a new and revamped era of Runaway June. From the time they heard the demo, they knew this would be the perfect song for their re-introduction. 

“From the demo to what it is now, we’ve really stretched the song musically,” Wayne explained before teasing, “it’s kind of a glimpse into what the next songs are gonna be like.”

Even in its unreleased state, “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” proved to elevate the energy among the crowd when the trio played it live. 

“This song, like immediately, the first time we played it, we started seeing the girl groups coming together, kind of the way that we do when we start singing it, and just singing it at the top of their lungs, even though they didn’t know the lyrics. It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the feeling we get from it, so I’m so glad y’all get it too,’” Stovall said. 

While the new addition to Runaway June has been an adjustment, just like any major change would be, it has also been an opportunity to embrace the chance for growth. Woodward stepped in and almost instantly knew that she had made the right choice to stray away from her solo career.  

“It’s so exciting. I mean, for me, just coming into this situation, you never know what to expect, but I think the girls and I, we just clicked really quickly and we’ve spent the last like few months just working and creating new music and writing it and spending hours in the studio,” she shared honestly about her new bandmates. 

“It’s a really cool thing when all three of us are team players and I really like credit that to Stevie coming into the band. She’s the lead singer, but she wants all of us to shine equally,” Wayne said as she gushed about Woodward.

She went from being a solo artist, sitting at a standstill, wondering if she would continue pursuing a career in music, to sharing the stage as a member of Runaway June. Although Woodward shared that she’s still learning and adapting to this new phase in her life, she has her bandmates by her side to provide any form of guidance that’s needed. 

“It was so hard in the beginning, and now getting past that change, just embracing it, it’s even better,” Wayne shared honestly. “It’s more wonderful than I can even describe to you, like we are having so much fun. That’s the number one compliment we’ve been getting. When we get off stage, people are like, ‘you girls just really look like you’re having fun up there.’”

“And we are,” Stovall added before Wayne continued, “So I think change is hard. It’s a part of life we all go through it and sometimes, if you just let it go and you embrace it and stick to something you believe in, it comes out even better on the other side.”

The trio teased that they recently finished recording four new songs to add to their catalog, but when it comes to upcoming projects and releases, they have yet to announce where their next path will take them. One thing’s for sure though, they plan to keep making music that they love. 

“I think our goal now is to just keep making music and keep releasing songs, whether that’s as singles or EP or album, and just make sure that we’re loving the music that we’re releasing. That’s kind of our main goal,” they explained.

Stepping into the group with a fresh take on everything, Woodward spoke on her goals for the band going into the new year. 

“I think just we’re so ecstatic about this new music and just getting it out to the world and really just honing in on a new and fun sound. Natalie and I have been trading solos back and forth on stage, so really being able to get more into that and just writing together, I think we just have so much fun together and we’re creating a lot of really great stuff. So just releasing new music and just getting out on the road, hopefully getting our own tour soon, that’s a big goal.”

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