Sara Evans Teases New ‘Patty Loveless-Esque’ Album, Says It Will Be ‘Super Country’

Sara Evans revealed she’s writing a new album with plans to record it in the fall during this year’s CMA…


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June 17, 2022

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Sara Evans; Photo by Nathan Zucker, CMA

Sara Evans revealed she’s writing a new album with plans to record it in the fall during this year’s CMA Fest. Evans made the revelation while speaking with The Tennessean ahead of her Sunday (Jun. 12) performance at Nissan Stadium.

Sara Evans; Photo by Nathan Zucker, CMA
Sara Evans; Photo by Nathan Zucker, CMA

“You have a timeless place in country music history, and I wanted to ask about that because it’s one of those things where when you wake up every day and you think, ‘maybe I don’t feel so special,’ you can like literally look at the history of a genre that’s 95 years old and you have a place in it,” Marcus K. Dowling, Nashville country music reporter at the Tennessean told Evans.

“Thank you very much, that means the world,” Evans responded. “In fact, we’re writing a record right now. We’re getting ready to go in the studio in the fall,” she shared.

In discussing what kind of record she intends on making, Evans described it as “Patty Loveless-esque.”

“I’m wanting to make a really, really super country record, kind of like Patty Loveless-esque, and she was a huge influence on me, so yeah I never want to quit ever,” she added.

Besides sharing more information about her new record, Evans also reflected on her hit song, “Suds In The Bucket,” which went No. 1 in 2004.

“When you have songs like ‘Suds In The Bucket’ and ‘Born To Fly’ when people sing them back to you years after they were released with the same fervor and the same energy, [what are] your thoughts about that?” Dowling asked Evans.

“It feels like no time has passed you know, especially for ‘Suds In The Bucket,’” Evans admitted. “‘Suds In The Bucket’ is still one of the most you know, replayed, recurrent um songs, and uh little girls love that song. And then also parents [love that song] because you know we all know what that’s like to watch our little girls grow up and fear that they’re going to run off with, you know, a boy that you disapprove of,” she continued.

The song tells the story of an 18-year-old girl who runs off with her boyfriend, much to the shock of her parents and appears on Evans’ 2003 album, Restless.

And in discussing her music’s impact on her fans–particularly young women–Evans told Dowling that it’s “so special” when fans share they listen to her songs to try to mimic her vocals.

“It’s so special honestly when people tell me, like I just had a girl tell me when she was younger she would put on my records and in order to up her game vocally, she would try to mimic and copy and come like achieve everything that I did vocally, and I was just like, ‘oh my gosh’, and then I said, ‘I did the same thing like with Mariah Carey I would put a Mariah Carey record on and I wouldn’t stop until I was able to do everything she did,’ and so it’s a huge honor,” she explained.

Evans shared a short video of her rehearsing and performing at CMA Fest to Instagram, with her song, “Born To Fly” set as the background music.

She is currently on the road as part of her Copy That Tour, which concludes on Nov. 4 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Evans is touring in support of her covers album Copy That, which was released in 2020.

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