Scotty McCreery Says His Dog Moose Will Have To ‘Adjust’ To Having A New Baby Around

Scotty McCreery is gearing up for fatherhood! The country music artist and his wife, Gabi McCreery, are preparing to welcome…


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September 10, 2022

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Scotty McCreery, Gabi; Photos via Instagram

Scotty McCreery is gearing up for fatherhood!

The country music artist and his wife, Gabi McCreery, are preparing to welcome their first child together after announcing they were expecting back in June. But, the wee one on the way isn’t the married couple’s first experience with expanding their family. 

After tying the knot in North Carolina in June of 2018, the happy pair bought an adorable puppy they named Moose. Since claiming his territory, the yellow Labrador has gotten used to being the baby of the family. That will change, however, when the McCreerys say hello to their infant son, who is due to arrive on Halloween.  And, it turns out Moose is already starting to pick up on some subtle clues that his role in the McCreery household is about to change.  

“I think he’s starting to realize something is up,” McCreery recently told Country Now and other media of the couple’s beloved dog. “There are toys showing up at the house, and momma’s belly is getting a little bigger. I think he’s figured this out.” 

“He’s going to have to adjust for sure with the baby coming because he is definitely used to being the center of attention,” McCreery added. “He’ll bring us his frisbee or the ball, like, he is ready to play at all times of the day.”

Moose may have to grow into his new role of being a furry, older sibling to the couple’s future newborn, but McCreery is already leaning into his upcoming role as a dad to his impending son. Not only has he started reading parenting books, but he says he can’t wait to “teach this kid things, get him on the ball field, play him some music, and teach him the guitar.” 

“The baby is coming fast, I tell you,” the Season 10 American Idol winner shared. “It seems like yesterday Gabi showed me the pregnancy test and was like, ‘We’re having a kid!’ Now we’re months away. We’ve got to build the nursery and get all the stuff ready, but we’re so excited. It’s going to be the biggest blessing.”

McCreery added that he and Gabi have already purchased a music stand for their baby-to-be. And while it’s too soon to know whether or not his son will follow in daddy’s footsteps, McCreery says he plans to eventually bring the bundle of joy out on tour with him.

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“We’re going to try to expand our road family and have a little crib in the bunk and get him used to it at an early age,” McCreery, who recently marked his fifth consecutive No. 1 with his single, “Damn Strait,” said. “So, I don’t see that part of my life-changing anytime soon, hopefully, as far as the touring aspect goes. We’re road dogs out there right now.”

Thus far, McCreery and his wife have not revealed a name for their baby boy, as McCreery previously shared that he was convinced the couple would give birth to a girl. Once they learned the gender of the child, they had to go back to the drawing board for names, but they’re not putting pressure on themselves. 

Scotty McCreery and Gabi; Photo via Instagram
Scotty McCreery and Gabi; Photo via Instagram

“I think for us, we want it to come naturally. I don’t think we want to sit down and Google names all night for hours. We just want something to pop,” McCreery said. “There’s a leader in the clubhouse at the moment for a name. There’s definitely that. But, even still we’ll say it as we’re driving the car and be like, ‘Is it that?’ Like us, second-guessing ourselves.”

“It’s fresh. I’ll think like, ‘Well, this will be a name for this baby, but this will also be his name when he is 65 years old and tired and sitting on the porch,” he continued. “So, we want it to come naturally. We’ve got an idea, and we’ll see if that idea works out driving to the hospital that night because I was going to be an Evan, literally, until they got to the hospital. Then my parents were like, ‘I think we’ve got to call him Scotty.’ So, I guess you never know.” 

Scotty McCreery and Wife, Gabi; Photo by Jamie Schramm, CMA
Scotty McCreery and Wife, Gabi; Photo by Jamie Schramm, CMA

Despite the baby name conundrum, it appears as though the McCreerys won’t have too much to worry about when it comes to the health and wellness of their baby. In fact, Gabi is a pediatric nurse, so McCreery says his wife has plenty of experience under her belt with newborns. 

“I mean, she was, like, in the pediatric, cardiac, intensive care unit. She saw really tough stuff. Now, she’s thinking about everything that could go wrong. I’m like, ‘No. Everything is going to be great. I’ll be the one asking you for help.’ So everything, if the baby coughs, I’ll be like, ‘What do we do?’ She’s going to be awesome. She’s got the experience behind her,” McCreery said. “I’m so excited to be a dad, probably more excited to see Gabi be a mom. She’s just going to absolutely crush it, just how caring and thoughtful she is. She puts everybody’s needs in front of her own. She’s just going to be the best mom.” 

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