Songwriter Ben Burgess Makes Solo Artist Debut With ‘Tears the Size of Texas’

Ben Burgess made his solo artist debut Friday (Jul. 22) with song, “Tears the Size of Texas.” A Dallas native…


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July 25, 2022


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Ben Burgess; Photo by Chris Hornbuckle

Ben Burgess made his solo artist debut Friday (Jul. 22) with song, “Tears the Size of Texas.”

A Dallas native turned Nashville songwriter, Burgess has had a hang in writing popular tracks such as Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” and Wallen and ERNEST’s collaboration, “Flower Shops,” among others. Now, Burgess has stepped into the spotlight with his debut track, which he wrote with Josh Kerr and was produced by Joey Moi.

The song is an emotional warning about Burgess’ free-spirited, refusing to settle down cowboy lifestyle and is addressed to a fictional love interest named Daisy.

Baby I’ve always been a cowboy / Just my guitar my horses and gun / Like the movies I leave with the settin’ sun / And If I was you baby I’d run / ‘Cause you’ll be crying tears the size of Texas / The California coast crashin’ in on ya porch / Daisy ‘fore you go and do somethin’ reckless / Know how wild my west is / And maybe you can call all my exes / They meet up at that church every week for support / Before the judge convicts me girl I’m here confessin’ / I ain’t one to mess with / ‘Cause You’ll be crying tears the size of Tеxas,” Burgess sings on the first verse and chorus of the song.

In discussing his solo artist debut with “Tears the Size of Texas,” Burgess shared that he “felt like [he] hit the lottery.”

YouTube video

“I feel like I hit the lottery,” Burgess shared in a statement. “Being able to put out my own music, the kind of music I’ve always wanted to release, after a lifetime of trying to get to this point; it’s a dream that I’m finally living.”

“’Tears’ was actually the first song I wrote after Big Loud offered me a record deal, so it was basically the first song I wrote knowing I was going to get another shot at being an artist,” he continued. “It was kind of like a beginning where I knew I could say what I want, the way I want, and I could sing it the way I want. I think it’s right that this is the one we’re kicking off with.”

In addition to releasing his debut single, Burgess shared the song’s accompanying western-themed music video.

YouTube video

The track also appears on Burgess’ debut album, which is set for release later this year.

In the meantime, Burgess will support Koe Wetzel, Warren Zeiders, and Jelly Roll on tour throughout the rest of 2022.

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