Tanner Gomes Puts Hits ‘Cowboy Swag’ On Full Display With Sexy Tim McGraw Cover On ‘The Voice’

Tanner Gomes; Photo Courtesy The Voice
Tannes Gomes; Photo Courtesy The Voice
Tanner Gomes; Photo Courtesy The Voice

Tanner Gomes channeled his inner Tim McGraw for a performance of “Real Good Man” during The Voice Knockouts on Tuesday (Nov. 24).

The contestant, who earned a spot on Team Kelly with his audition performance to a Dustin Lynch song, explained that he chose to sing “Real Good Man” because the song reminds him of his relationship with his girlfriend.

“One thing I did want Tanner to do, was making it a little more Tanner,” coach Kelly Clarkson challenged him, explaining that she doesn’t just want him to imitate McGraw, but make the performance his own.

“This song is all about personality….every woman on the planet Earth, or even man that like men want to hear that,” she gushed.

Gomes faced off against Marisa Corvo in the Knockouts.

The country contestant worked the entire stage throughout his performance and coach Clarkson on her feet cheering.

Blake Shelton called his performance “really impressive,” while John Legend praised his stage presence.

With Tanner, I saw another sid eof you today. I feel like you lit up more and show a little more personality,” Legend told him.

“Tanner, you’ve got some cowboy swag,” Gwen Stefani cheered.

It all came down to Clarkson, who was forced to make the “horrible” decision between Gomes and Corvo.

“I’m gonna hate myself either way,” she said.

“The winner of this knockout is Tanner,”

I ended up going with Tanner because Tanner has really shown me different sides

Click above to watch the performance.