The Story Behind Nashville’s Hottest New Show, ‘Ranch Hands Cowboylesque’

Within the last decade, Nashville natives have witnessed their quaint honky-tonk city flourish into one of the most-desired domestic destinations…


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January 4, 2022


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Ranch Hands Cowboylesque

Within the last decade, Nashville natives have witnessed their quaint honky-tonk city flourish into one of the most-desired domestic destinations to date. Similar to other hot spots across the United States, the music capital felt the repercussions of the pandemic. Yet, it was the innovative and resilient members of the community that assisted with the bounce back. 

As restaurant-bar owners flipped their rustic lights back on, party-goers swarmed the streets of Broadway to enjoy live music and to honor milestones that were achieved in the midst of the pandemic. It was the rapid return of tourists that improved the city’s economy in a blink of an eye. However, entrepreneur Lexy Burke was always one step ahead and recognized that the money was in hospitality and catering to bachelorette parties early on. 

Following her move to Nashville, she watched her husband pursue a career in country music, and she flipped their home into a dream-like bachelorette pad. The idea came after four back-to-back bachelorette parties, where she found herself running around town looking for decorations. Finally, she thought to herself, “there should be a themed house or just something that’s already set up, especially in Nashville.”


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Once the walls were painted pink, and the house was up on Airbnb – the waitlist to rent began to grow. It was the Breakfast At Tiffany’s inspired kitchen, Dolly Parton and Mean Girls themed bedrooms that generated a massive commotion on TikTok – leaving Burke ultimately booked for 2021 and brainstorming how she could take the business venture to a whole new level. 

The mogul with a creative background in videography and dance suddenly saw the demand for a high-energy table-side show comparable to the Vegas Chippendales. After months of explaining her well-developed vision with friends and family – the go-getter turned the concept into a full-fledged interactive experience. 

Ranch Hands Cowboylesque
Ranch Hands Cowboylesque

“When we got through the pandemic, my number one question with owning the Airbnb was ‘hey, Broadway’s amazing…but what do you do during the day?’ So, then I realized there was no residency show in Nashville,” shared Burke during an exclusive Country Now interview. “We’ve seen the Chippendales growing up, and I just wanted something like that, but a little bit more PG-13.” 

With the money made by the bucket-list home – Burke took to the drawing board to open her show called, Ranch Hands Cowboylesque. The performance that pairs well with a glass of bubbly is about a handsome ranch hand struggling with a broken heart. Throughout the scripted musical, other swoon-worthy cowboys come to the rescue to help him gain back his confidence.  

Once the storyline was set in stone, Burke set out to look for heartthrobs to tackle the job. However, she told Country Now reporter Tiffany Goldstein that casting was the largest challenge of getting the venture off the ground.  “It was crazy because since there is nothing like this show in Nashville, the hardest thing was casting and having everyone understand what it was right away. So, we did a lot of recruiting through Instagram, and we reached out to a lot of agencies,” says Burke. Following her irresistible pitch, she had several men nationwide knocking on her door to be considered for the position. 

Ranch Hands Cowboylesque
Ranch Hands Cowboylesque

“We got people all over the board! We have a pro line dancer moving here from Vegas, he is actually from the UK,” shared the producer, full of excitement. While Jordan Grace professionally choreographed the show, the videographer turned business owner called in her family to help with opening night at Nashville Palace, located beside the legendary Grande Ole Opry. 

“You think when you start a business, you got to go hire all these people…when really you’ve got family who do their day jobs and is great at what they do. So, my mom and aunt flew out for the past dates, my best friend has full-on become our stage manager/ production assistant, and then my dad is a chef too. So, he helped the Palace with their brunch menu,” revealed Burke about the magic behind the must-see show. 

While utilizing her loved ones, she also used the power of social media to tease the experience and the good-looking cowboys to the world. After several viral videos, the show sold out within days and Burke had a full house to satisfy. The unmatchable performance made up of real talent, proved on opening night that Ranch Hands Cowboylesque is destined to become a Nashville staple. 


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“The first weekend, we had people coming back the next weekend with different friends,” said Burke about the successful premiere. “We had a grandmother and their granddaughter drive ten hours from Pennsylvania to celebrate a birthday with us. There’s something for everyone in the show… we’ve got some super sexy dancing, really fun comedy, line dancing, and even amazing singers,” she adds. 

Ranch Hands Cowboylesque
Ranch Hands Cowboylesque

Off the heels of the prosperous few weeks, the blonde powerhouse started brainstorming once again on how she could grow the business and intertwine celebrity guests. “Eventually, we would love to go to another city, and we’re thinking Austin or Scottsdale. So, we’re trying to lock down everything here, and hopefully, early spring, we can start casting another city,” she concluded about her next few steps. 

Until she reveals the next hotspot, tourists and locals can snag their music city tickets by visiting So, whether you plan on brunching with the boys or sipping on delectable cocktails during a happy hour show – Ranch Hands Cowboylesque can promise 75 minutes of memorable moments. 

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