This Carrie Underwood Doppelgänger On TikTok Has Fans Doing A Double Take

We all know there can really only be one true Carrie Underwood, but recently the TikTok community has discovered KyLea…


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 14, 2021


1:29 pm

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Carrie Underwood, KyLea Wissing; Photos via Instagram, TikTok

We all know there can really only be one true Carrie Underwood, but recently the TikTok community has discovered KyLea Wissing, also known by her handle, @foiclothing, to be a close second to the singer when it comes to looks. 

This creator uses her TikTok page mostly to promote her small business, Foi Clothing, which she runs from her hometown in Nebraska. Last year, Wissing started receiving comments on her videos, in which viewers were noticing the similarities between her and the county music superstar, Carrie Underwood. “Carrie Underwood with dark hair! Absolutely beautiful,” one comment read.

Besides living in different states and having different careers, the only other physical difference between these two women seems to be their hair color. Wissing has dark black hair, while Underwood has light blonde hair. 

@foiclothing“Does anyone ever tell you, you look like @carrieunderwood with dark hair?” Do yo thang @tiktok . ##carrieunderwood ##GotMilkChallenge ##BeautyTips♬ original sound – LIVKAY G

Since starting her account, this creator has posted several videos regarding the almost spooky resemblance between her and Underwood, adding the caption, “I will definitely take this compliment,” on a more recent post. In her first comparison video between her and the artist, Wissing reached over 114k views and included a caption that read, “Does anyone ever tell you, you look like Carrie Underwood with dark hair?”

After a suggestion from a viewer, the Underwood doppelganger even used a filter in her latest video, attempting to make her hair appear lighter and give a closer resemblance to the singer. Unfortunately, the filter made her hair more of gray color as opposed to completely blonde, but the uncanny resemblance still remains.

@foiclothingReply to @mamax32020 not exactly blonde but.. 😏🤣 ##TreatiestCupContest ##carrieunderwood ##doppleganger♬ If I Didn’t Love You – Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood

In the comments, she admitted to getting stopped a few times during a trip to Vegas, by people thinking she was the real Carrie Underwood.  

In addition to the “If I Didn’t Love You” singer, Wissing has also been compared to Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean. In 2020, the TikTok creator posted a video of her wearing an outfit that almost perfectly mimicked the image of Brittany she included. Brittany was shown in the background of the video wearing a red and black flannel with a black brimmed hat, while Wissing had on a black and white flannel with a beige brimmed hat. Although missing the blonde hair once again, Wissing received a plethora of comments insinuating she looked like a mix between Underwood and Aldean. 

@foiclothingTeam Carrie, team Brittany or Carrie Aldean? 😂 tag @brittanyaldean bc I just know our families are meant to be friends! ##ThisIsBliss ##OutfitChange♬ original sound – LIVKAY G

This is not the first artist doppelgänger to be found on TikTok. Another creator, a nurse named Ashley with the fitting handle, @itisnotwhoyouthinkitis13, began posting videos on TikTok, telling stories of being stopped on the streets of Nashville frequently, getting mistaken for Taylor Swift. She even had to change her handle because viewers would be confused seeing her videos and thinking the account actually belonged to the pop artist. 

The first video she shared on the subject, pointing out the struggles of being a celeb look-alike, now has over two million views. Between the blonde hairstyle, the black-winged eyeliner, the oversized sunglasses and bright colored lipstick, it’s clear that this would be an easy mistake for anyone to make. Ashley even received a comment from a viewer that said, “You look more like Taylor than Taylor looks like Taylor.”

@itisnotwhoyouthinkitis13 More photo shoot fun. ##reputation ##taylorswift ##ididsomethingbad ##photoshoot ##mirrorimages ##cameo ##celebritylookalike♬ I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift

Although it could become irritating at times to regularly get mistaken for a celebrity, these users have also embraced their doppelgänger images and have shown their appreciation for the kind comments left on their videos. 

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