Thomas Rhett Debuts Emotional ‘Remember You Young’ Video

Grab the tissues because there’s a chance Thomas Rhett’s “Remember You Young” music video will make you cry. The just-released…


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September 20, 2019

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Grab the tissues because there’s a chance Thomas Rhett’s “Remember You Young” music video will make you cry.

The just-released video brings back the beloved characters from Rhett’s “Marry Me” video, this time at a much later stage in life. The video begins in an old-fashioned diner where four older gentlemen are seen eating and playing cards. A voiceover can then be heard saying, “While you’re young, cherish your life as it comes to you. It’s the only way it comes, after all.”

The storyline continues to unfold through scenes of the present day and flashbacks of the past. The video’s main character is soon revealed to be the young man in the “Marry Me” video. Now a senior citizen, he makes his way around a small town as he sees memories of his longtime love in various flashbacks.

Everything comes full circle when the man pulls up to a field where he joins an older version of his wife wearing an airy, white gown. They join hands and as the camera circles around them, the younger version of themselves appear. It is then, when she fades away, that viewers realize the man is now alone left with only memories of his wife as he’s shown standing in the field with just an urn in his hands.

The video, directed by Rhett’s longtime collaborator, TK McKamy, showcases a perfect depiction of the song and is undoubtedly Video of the Year material.

“We wrote this song about the people in life that we love, and always remembering them in their youth no matter how much time passes and we all change,” Rhett previously explained of the song which he co-wrote with Jesse Frasure and Ashley Gorley. “There’s something sentimental about remembering your very best friends who have real jobs and families now tearing it up in college, or picturing me and my wife with no cares at the Tin Roof back in Knoxville. I love that the last verse is a bit of twist with it all coming full circle. It actually makes me emotional. It’s easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.”

“Remember You Young” is currently Top 20 at country radio. It’s the second single from Rhett’s fourth studio album, Center Point Road.

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