Thomas Rhett Reveals He Will ‘Probably’ Have More Kids, Shares Other Surprises During Fan Q&A

Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy CMA
Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy CMA/ Hunter Berry
Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy CMA

Thomas Rhett is telling all! 

Being a country music superstar means having basically your entire life in the public eye, but there still some things that the artists like to keep to themselves.

Rhett took to Instagram this week to share a few updates about his life and his career, when fans responded to his initial call for questions, “Sitting in a dressing room with time on my hands. Ask me somethin!”

Thomas Rhett; Photo via Instagram
Thomas Rhett; Photo via Instagram

Most fans already know that Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins, is pregnant with their fourth child, he is releasing his new single, “Slow Down Summer”  on Friday, and that he will be performing at the CMA Awards next Wednesday night.

After this Instagram questionnaire, it’s clear there is still so much more to know about what’s going on behind the scenes for Rhett both personally and professionally. 

Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy CMA
Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy CMA

Here are 10 things Rhett revealed during his Instagram Q&A:

  1. Fans can expect a new album “soonish!”

  2. He and his wife Lauren will “probably” continue to have more kids. 

  3. A 2022 tour is in the works and “it’s gonna be littttt.”

  4. Besides performing, Rhett’s favorite activity involves being in the duck woods with his friends.

  5. His go-to karate song is “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion.

  6. Chilis chips and salsa is his favorite food, but Taco Bell is his fast food of choice.

  7. According to the Enneagram, he is a perfectionist.

  8. He is totally up for a collaboration with Niall Horan one day.

  9. A cowboy hat might become a staple in his everyday wardrobe.

  10. Adding a teleprompter on stage was a life changer for him. Now the potential of forgetting the words to his songs is one less thing to worry about during performances.

The soon-to-be father of four also said a collaboration with Kane Brown “would be super fun” and joked about cutting his beard. 

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