Thomas Rhett Shocked By The Parenting Advice Walker Hayes Once Gave Him

Country music sensation Thomas Rhett has never shied away from speaking out about his relationship with wife Lauren Akins and…


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January 24, 2022


12:10 pm

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Thomas Rhett; Photo via CMA, Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy ABC

Country music sensation Thomas Rhett has never shied away from speaking out about his relationship with wife Lauren Akins and the tight-knit family they built together. From the start of his successful career, Rhett has been transparent with his community and has even poured his heart and soul into moving melodies that effortlessly shine a light on each stage of his life. 

With the power of music and by utilizing social media, Thomas and Lauren have sparked difficult dialogues around the struggles of infertility, the perks of adoption, marriage, and now he is opening up about expanding his family. In a recent interview with Country Now and other reporters, the multi-platinum artist revealed that he received valuable parenting advice from “Fancy Like” singer Walker Hayes

Back in November, Thomas Rhett and Lauren announced the birth of their fourth child, Lillie Carolina Akins. At just 7.5 pounds, the happy couple welcomed their fourth little girl into their loving unit with open arms. However, the megastar confessed that their family dynamic did not change much since her arrival. 

“Minus the lack of sleep, not a whole lot has changed,” Rhett said before sharing the surprising advice Hayes previously provided. “Walker Hayes told me one time that anything after four is just more kids. And I said, ‘There’s no way that that’s possible,’ But I’m starting to understand that it’s true.” 

As Rhett slowly begins to believe the father of six, he continued to share that going from “two to three was definitely harder than three to four.” While bringing Lillie Carolina home was a breeze for the artist and his wife – he did not fail to mention that their two-year-old daughter, Lennon Love had a difficult time adjusting. 

“Lennon is still a bit jealous, and I would say that is the hardest part, is that she’s not the baby anymore,” he added. This confession does come as a surprise to fans, as the family man posted an Instagram photo that perfectly displays the current living situation in the Rhett household. “Lennon is taking this really well 😂,” he said under a photo that has Lillie hysterically crying in Lennon’s lap. 

As Lennon adapts to change and wraps her head around not being the youngest in the bunch, Rhett’s oldest children, Willa Gray and Ada James, have stepped in to help raise their baby sister. “You know, they beg to hold Lillie every day,” Rhett confessed. “I literally could put Lillie in Willa Gray’s arms and be like, ‘Are you good for five minutes?’ And she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’ She’ll feed her a bottle. Ada James can hold her,” the beloved artist adds. 

With all hands on deck and under control, the “What’s Your Country Song” artist confirmed that he is pressing pause on having more kids for now. “We’ll see what happens in the next five or six years, but we’re definitely gonna take a small break from trying to have babies right now.” 

While he juggles his girl dad duties, Thomas Rhett is also currently working his magic in the studio to carefully craft his sixth studio album. The 15-track collection is set to drop in April of 2022 and will feature special guests Katy Perry, Riley Green, Tyler Hubbard, and Russell Dickerson. Rhett recently surprised fans with his poetic ballad “Angles” and high-energy hit ‘Church Boots.” 

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