Tigirlily Gold Reflects on the Therapeutic and Empowering Message of ‘I Tried A Ring On’

The duo takes listeners on a journey to healing through their brand new single.


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January 10, 2024


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Tigirlily Gold; Photo by Jared Olson_

Sister duo Tigirlily Gold showcases the depth of their songwriting in their emotional new single, “I Tried A Ring On.”

Going into the writing room with Josh Jenkins and Pete Good, sisters Kendra and Krista fell into a conversation surrounding the pain of trying to get over a breakup with someone who you thought was the one. They pulled from each of their own experiences as well as some close friends who at one point in their life, have all felt an extra tinge in their hearts after not only letting go of that person, but also the future they had envisioned with them. Turning their pain into something powerful, the rising female stars were left with their brand-new single, “I Tried A Ring On.”

Inspiration Behind The Song

“I had noticed through my personal experience and also some of my friends are going through breakups that a really hard part is having to start over again, kind of that frustration of like, ‘Oh, I thought I had found the one’ and really just feeling stupid and frustrated with that ‘cause you pictured your wedding, you pictured your whole life together with that person,” Krista told Country Now. 

Tigirlily Gold - I Tried A Ring On
Tigirlily Gold – I Tried A Ring On

Krista Gets Honest About Her Recent Breakup

Krista then admitted that this song came to fruition just before she experienced a breakup of her own. 

“In a way, I kind of went into the write thinking, what would it feel like if my ex and I were to split and then maybe a couple months later we broke up so I was like, ‘did I manifest my own breakup?’” she said with a laugh. “Initially, the first couple weeks after my ex and I had split, it was very tough for me to sing, ‘I Tried A Ring On,’ like the first week, I just tried to detach myself from the song, which sounds terrible, but I couldn’t even think about it…you should be able to feel your music. I don’t think anyone expects you to be so detached from your music that you don’t feel it at all and I think it’s good to feel it.”

In a way, this song came at the perfect time for Krista, as she was able to channel her feelings through the dynamic songwriting of the tune and let it be a part of her own healing journey.  

“Obviously, now I’m doing better. I’m good,” she confirmed. “I appreciate all the concerns…I think now I feel more healed and I think the song just takes me back to that place, but it makes me happy that I have healed from those feelings.”

Photo Courtesy of Tigirlily Gold
Photo Courtesy of Tigirlily Gold

Whether it’s a relationship of a few months or a few years, an engagement that was called off, or even a divorce, “I Tried A Ring On” allows people of all different situations to relate to the sadness while also understanding that they are not alone in what they’re feeling. 

“At the end of the day, I think more than anything, it’s therapeutic for people and empowering and comforting in a way of knowing that we’ve also experienced this feeling or millions of other women or men have also experienced this feeling,” the duo shared. 

Performing The Song Live

This song was just released on January 5, but Tigirlily Gold has already made it a part of their setlist. Between the clever lyrics and delicate instrumentals, “I Tried A Ring On” allows the duo to show their audience what they are truly capable of, both as singers and songwriters. Their harmonies come alive with every note and build with intensity alongside the mid-tempo beat full of both sadness and comfort.

“We hope that listeners feel empowered through this song because we say ‘I’m sure I’ll get over you being gone. I’m strong enough to know I will get through this, but I just feel stupid. I try a ring on.’ So we still want people to feel that empowerment of, you know, whatever they’re going through, they do have the strength to make it through. We also just want them to feel like they’re not alone in what they’re going through.”

They went on to say that the reaction they’ve gotten from fans has been better than they could have expected. It may be a sad tune, but because of its relatability, it’s bringing together a community of people who may otherwise feel isolated in their breakups. 

Kendra and Krista also put the song on display through a visualizer filmed in a small white church west of Columbia, Tennessee that captures the song’s message of trying a wedding ring on, picturing the moment you walk down the aisle to your person, and then seeing it all taken away in an instant.

“The inspiration of doing it at a church was like, you almost had the wedding. Kind of morbid, but this could have been the church that you were going to get married in, and it never happened,” they explained. “The cool part about the church is…the address was 103 on the church and our first apartment that we lived in in Nashville was also 103. So we were like, ‘Wow, I feel like this is a good sign.’ We moved to Nashville six and a half years ago and we’ve always really felt so strongly about this song in our gut. So to have the church also be 103, the same address as our first apartment in Nashville, I was like, this is meant to be. It has to be.”

Watch The Visualizer

YouTube video

Showcasing A New Side Of Their Songwriting On Country Radio

“I Tried A Ring On” is slated to impact country radio on January 22, following the success of their first Top 40 single, “Shoot Tequila,” which has racked up more than 40 million streams to date.

’Shoot Tequila,’ it was so much fun, so upbeat, kind of a honky tonk anthem, and our whole goal in country music is to bring that girl group energy, you know, that fun, that sass, that confidence,” Kendra explained. “We also want to show listeners another side of who we are, especially as we’re getting known in this industry and growing a lot. We want to show a more vulnerable side, more of our storytelling side too, as writers. So we think this is a good shift from ‘Shoot Tequila’ just to show both sides of what we do and who we are. ‘I Tried To Ring On’ has always been the song that I have felt so strongly about. I think Krista has felt really strongly about it too from the beginning. And for us, it’s a song we would regret not getting the chance to go to country radio and we would always wonder what if.”

“The song has been listened to and heard by so many people. It’s really incredible and we’re so grateful that country radio even gave it a chance and we got our first top 40 at country radio,” Krista added. “We got to play the Today Show for the first time because of that song, so we are so grateful for the intro that song made for us, and we’ll be singing it until we’re probably 85.”’

YouTube video

2024 Tour And Full-Length Project On The Way

Tigirlily Gold shared that by the end of the year, they hope to be able to bring these songs and more back in front of their live audiences with either a headlining tour or as a supporting act with another artist. On top of this goal, they are also preparing to release the full version of their Blonde project. They released the first half in June of 2023 and are gearing up to put out the rest of the collection before summer. 

“I feel like the first half was, it had ‘Blonde,’ ‘Shoot Tequila,’ ‘Move On’ and ‘Hometown Song,’ so it was pretty fun and upbeat, and the second half kind of has a few different vibes that people haven’t heard from us yet,” the duo hinted.

They also shared that listeners can expect a few “surprises” on this next full-length collection. 

“If you’ve been to any of our shows in the last year, year and a half, you’ve probably heard a lot of these songs because we’ve been playing them out live for a second now. So we’re super excited about that,” they added. 

While fans await news of their next tour announcement, Tigirlily Gold will appear at a variety of festivals throughout the year including the Nashville Dance Fest in Murfreesboro, TN on January 28 and Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL on April 5. Additionally, in March, they will head to Glasgow and East London to play the annual Country to Country Festival. 

For more information on upcoming shows, click HERE

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