Todd Tilghman Crushes Performance of Collin Raye’s ‘Love, Me’ on ‘The Voice’

Todd Tilghman; Photo by: NBC
Todd Tilghman; Photo by: NBC
Todd Tilghman; Photo by: NBC

Todd Tilghman delivered an impressive performance of a ’90s country hit on NBC’s The Voice on Monday (May 11).

Tilghman, a father of eight and lead pastor of Cornerstone Church in Meridian, Mississippi, sang Collin Raye’s 1991 chart-topping hit, “Love, Me.” Performing from his church, Tilghman was surrounded by his children as he sang the emotional tune, which left him in tears.

His performance thoroughly impressed the coaches, especially Clarkson and Shelton.

“If I could sound like a man singing, I would want your voice, I think you have such a cool, storyteller voice and this is such a great song,” Clarkson gushed.

“Wow Todd, it’s crazy to see this side of you right now, it was amazing to see all the kids around you,” Shelton told him. “My favorite shot of that performance is your daughter sucking her thumb in the background.”

Admitting he was taken aback by Tilghman’s emotions, Shelton added, “I didn’t think I would ever see you cry.”

Click above to watch Todd Tilghman’s performance of “Love, Me.”