Top 10 Most Sleep-Inducing Country Songs Revealed

The results may come as surprising to avid country music listeners.


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August 2, 2022

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Morgan Wallen; Photo by Andrew Wendowski, Luke Combs; Photo by Natasha Moustache, CMA, Old Dominion; Photo by Josh Brasted, CMA

A new study conducted by revealed the 10 most sleep-inducing country songs.

According to the outlet, the team set out to determine the songs that “most closely match the characteristics of the world’s favorite lullabies,” looking at features such as tempo and scale. In sharing more about the methodology behind the study, the team also looked at each song’s acousticness, danceability, loudness, mode (in terms of major or minor scale), instrumentalness (or presence of vocals), and time signature (or number of beats in each bar) among other factors.

The team then compared these features between 100 lullabies on Spotify with a “curated list” of 1,271 songs, including Spotify’s most streamed tracks from a variety of genres, including country. Using Spotify’s API, the songs were then given a “sleep score” out of 100 points, with 100 indicating the song shared similarities to a lullaby and 0 indicating the song shared no similarities to a lullaby.

Topping the list of country songs was Little Big Town’s song, “Girl Crush,” which received a score of 88.7 points, followed by Cam’s “Burning House” with 88.5 points and Luke Combs’ “Better Together” with 84.5 points. Also making the list of the top 10 most sleep-inducing country songs was Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” with 75.7 points (ranking No. 6 on the list) and Morgan Wallen’s “Somebody’s Problem,” which received 73 points even (and ranking No. 8 on the list).


Accompanying the study is an interactive ranking of the top 10 most sleep-inducing country songs, which provides each song’s sleep score along with a brief snippet of the track. Fans can preview each track at their own leisure and then decide if they want to listen to the song in full.

The results may also come as surprising to avid country music listeners.

Little Big Town’s song, “Girl Crush” was released on their 2014 album, Pain Killer. The song, which examines a woman’s jealousy at her ex-boyfriend’s new love, generated a bit of controversy upon its release. One radio show host reportedly even claimed she’d received a slew of angry calls and emails alleging the station was “promoting the gay agenda,” according to Taste of Country.

Liz Rose, one of the writers behind the song, addressed the controversy in a conversation with the Tennessean, saying, “It’s about the girl. She wants to be the girl that’s got the guy she wants.”

Despite the controversy around the song, the country quartet took home the award for Song of the Year at the 2015 CMAs for their jealousy-laden track.

In looking at songs from other music genres that generated a high sleep score, Elton John’s “Your Song” topped the list of rock songs and The Chainsmokers’ “The One” topped the list of electronic songs.

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