Travis Denning and John Osborne Talk Guitars in New Episode of ‘Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff’

Travis Denning, John Osborne; Photo via YouTube

Travis Denning has been giving folks loads of entertainment with his new weekly variety series, Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff. And, this week’s episode is no different. The Georgia native dives into the art of playing guitar in the third episode of the series, premiering exclusively on Country Now.

In the third installment, the singer/songwriter and musician talks all things guitar with Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne. The two artists get together to discuss some of the greatest guitar slingers of the past before showcasing some guitar skills of their own.

“When I first wanted to play guitar, I wanted to be Kurt Cobain,” Osborne says of the first time he became inspired to learn the guitar. “Then, there was a VHS tape of Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at the El Mocambo. So, I put that in [the VCR]… I just pressed play, and I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?!’”

“That’s when, like, [Jimi] Hendrix came in and [Eric] Clapton. Then it was like The Allman Brothers Band,” he continued before sharing how he became a guitar master in his own right. “I was able to take little bits and pieces of everything and just create my little tool-kit for guitar solos, like, a big pot of chili and mix it all together and that’s what it is. I didn’t spend too much time on any one particular guitar player. At some point, you want to find out who you are amidst that because we’re all an amalgam of our heroes.”

Click below to watch the third episode of Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff and find out what else Denning and Osborne have to say about guitar after seeing them shred on guitar together!

Fans certainly know Denning as a talented music artist and singer, but it’s his vibrant personality that shines the most during his weekly series, as he takes the lead on planning different challenges and learning more about his closest friends and fellow artists.

Thus far, Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff has featured two groups of special guests taking on different challenges. In the first episode, Maddie & Tae challenge their food tolerance with a plate of Nashville hot chicken. Click HERE to watch. The second, meanwhile, features Bobby Bones, Adam Hambrick, and LANCO, showing off their competitive sides in a game of HORSE. Readers can watch the latter of the two episodes HERE.

Along with doling out fresh episodes of his Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff each week, Denning will hit the road this summer as a supporting act on Brothers Osborne’s upcoming tour. He is also currently promoting his newest song, “Call It Country,” which dropped on Friday (May 14.) “Call It Country,” the follow up to Denning’s current radio single, “ABBY” – short for “anybody but you” – is a foot-stomping, high-energy track, tailor-made for large arenas and at-capacity shows.

“We keep that needle in the red on that hell raisin’ meter/ We crank that Charlie Daniel’s out them Ford and Chevy speakers/ We throw it down in this Podunk town, ain’t afraid to get muddy/ Yeah, call it what you want to, we just call it country,” Denning sings throughout the chorus of the song, which he co-wrote with Jessi Alexander and Chris Stevens.

Check out the video for “Call It Country” in the clip below. And, be sure to look for all-new episodes of Travis Denning and Friends Do Stuff in the coming weeks!