Tucker Beathard Debuts Playful ‘Better Than Me’ Music Video

“I’m not always as serious as people might think.”


Lauren Jo Black

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June 19, 2019

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Tucker Beathard- “Better Than Me” Music Video

Tucker Beathard shows fans a more playful side of himself in the mischievous new music video for his latest single, “Better Than Me.”

Taking on an acting role for the first time ever, Beathard portrays an ex-boyfriend who pulls out all the stops to ruin his ex-girlfriend’s date at the local burger joint, Jumbo House, where he happens to be employed. The new couple’s night out goes south quickly as Beathard’s character contaminates his former lover’s food and drinks with alcohol, hot sauce and bodily fluids. Watch the hilarity unfold in the clip above.

“Better Than Me” is undoubtedly a career-making song for Beathard, who recently inked a major recording deal with Warner Music Nashville after parting ways with his former label several months prior.

“I just wasn’t seeing eye to eye with my previous label and just wanted more creative freedom to really be able to express myself,” he explains to Country Now.

He found exactly what he was looking for in his new label home and is excited to see what the future holds.

“It’s everything I could ask for as an artist,” he says.

Beathard co-wrote “Better Than Me” with Dan Isbell and Jonathan Singleton. Though the Tennessee native typically writes songs about his personal experiences, this one wasn’t directly influenced by his life.

“I write about a lot of personal things, but sometimes the songs are more so me taking in other people’s personal experiences,” Beathard tells us. “For example, ‘Better Than Me,’ it’s not my story. It’s not based off my relationship or a relationship I had or anything. It’s more so just me kind of putting myself in the shoes of someone else, which is cool to me. I tend to do that quite a bit in songs. Sometimes they’re not 100% to a T my story, sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not, but a lot of times, I find myself being inspired by other people’s stories.”

Beathard and director Justin Clough decided to take a fun approach when looking at treatments for the “Better Than Me” music video.

“For a song like that, it’s kind of riding the line of angsty, serious and sarcastic, it’s right there on the line, and like I didn’t see the need in making it too serious,” he explains. “I like giving different perspectives in videos, that way, you can watch then look at the song totally differently. For this one, we tried to think of some different spin on it and decided to go with the complete sarcastic, make fun of yourself side of it. I think it kind of shows that I’m not always as serious as people might think.”

Beathard is the first country artist to ever release a debut double album. The second chapter will be released later this year.

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