Tyler Farr And Jelly Roll Team Up For New Collaboration, ‘Country As Shit’

“We just wanted something that was unfiltered, rough and just had all the aspects,” Farr shared.


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February 24, 2023

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Tyler Farr, Jelly Roll; Photo Provided

Tyler Farr returns to his roots in his new small-town anthem, “Country As Shit,” featuring Jelly Roll. 

The two artists co-wrote the new tune alongside Vicky McGehee, Josh Mirenda, and Andy Sheridan with production by Jason Aldean and Aldean’s long-time bandmates Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy. When these songwriters sat down to pen a new song, they decided to take the cuffs off and just write about their lives in a way that truly spoke to them. 

Released via Night Train Records/Broken Bow Records, the song highlights the message of, “what you see is what you get,” as Farr depicts what it really means to grow up in the countryside. The Missouri native and current Tennessee resident trudges through the upbeat melody letting his true country twang shine. Meanwhile, the “Son Of A Sinner” singer adds his own flavor with his impromptu rapping that fits in perfectly with the country-rock tune. 


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Tyler Farr also name-dropped a few musical icons like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and No Show Jones (George Jones), who have served as his influences over the years. Growing up, the country star got a big taste of the artist lifestyle from watching his stepfather play lead guitar for George Jones’ touring band. 

“We just wanted something that was unfiltered, rough and just had all the aspects. You know, my stepdad played with George Jones for 20 years, and so I’m a huge old-school guy. So that’s why I said, ‘living like Willie and Waylon and No Show Jones,’” he told Country Now, referring to the high-energy chorus. 

“This one’s for the ones who’ve been living off blocks / With the dogs on the porch cause the doors don’t lock / Got a boat in the back with the trailer as a dock / On that same piece of land daddy’s granddaddy bought,” Farr sings in the opening verse. 

“When I say this one’s for the ones who’ve been living off blocks, if you didn’t grow up in a trailer, you may not know what blocks are, but that’s what we call a modular home,” he explained. “And we wrote it for just people everywhere. It’s like, ‘Hey, this is for y’all that live in these small towns all across America that, you know, like to get a little mud on ’em every now and then.’”

Farr has already started to pass down the same values and simple way of life to his daughter Hollis Caroline Farr, whom he raises with his wife, Hannah, outside of Nashville. 

“There’s a lot of mud here and there’s a lot of deer and there’s a lot of woods. Me and my two-year-old daughter will go looking for deer every day cause that’s all she wants to do right now is ride my side-by-side and say, ‘where’d the deer go?’ She likes to look for deer.”

Farr Hopes His Music Is An ‘Escape’ For Fans

Even for those who may not live in the midst of the country, “Country As Shit” and the rest of Farr’s music can be used as an escape from reality as it takes the listener to a place of solace or allows them to gain some energy from the hard-hitting melodies. 

“I live in the country. I know a lot of people don’t, but what I’ve found in doing this for 18 years is you don’t have to live in the country to actually be country. It’s more like what you stand for and it’s just a way of life,” he shared.

“I do stuff like this and hope people that, you know, don’t live out in the middle of the woods like I do, it’s a little escape for them. Maybe they grew up in a country, now they’re living in the city because of a job or because of convenience or cause of money situations and it’s an escape for them,” he continued. “So on their way to the office or their cubicle, whatever the hell they’re working in, they can for a minute just rock the hell out and act like they’re driving a John Deere down the road and holding up traffic.”

Farr and Jelly Roll ‘Hit It Off’

Not long after the idea for the new track started to come together, Tyler Farr knew he wanted to bring on another artist, and he was determined that Jelly Roll would be the right one for the job. The pair first met through a number of golf tournaments in 2020 and the more they saw each other around town, the closer their friendship grew.

“I just loved him as a human. I’m like, this guy’s sweet as shit and he’s just a cool dude that just had this kind of thing about him and, you know, he didn’t really have much of a filter, which obviously I can appreciate. We just kind of hit it off.”

In The Studio With Jason Aldean

They eventually reconnected, which gave Tyler Farr the chance to gauge Jelly Roll’s interest in getting into the studio with him. 

“I said, ‘if you wanna do it, man, I’d love to have you. I’ve been thinking about it.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m in. Just say when.’ It took some scheduling to get to make it happen ’cause you have Aldean trying to make his schedule work and Jelly and Kurt, Tully, and the other producers, and we made it happen.”

“Jelly came in to put his vocal on it and he was like, ‘man, do you care if I kind of freestyle your verse and kind of make up?’ I said, ‘dude, you just do you.’And he got in there and Jason looks at me and he is like, ‘holy crap. That dude’s a freaking pro.’ I mean, he just killed it,” Farr said before adding, “It was cool to have us all together and it was the first time me and Jason have done this type of song. So it was an awesome experience.”

After making the official move to Nashville nearly 20 years ago, Farr broke into the country music scene with his 2013 debut album, Redneck Crazy. Upon its release, this project landed at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart and No. 5 on the Billboard Top 200. His success continued with the title track to the album which has now been certified platinum. 

“Country As Shit” follows a run of singles including his first No. 1 as a songwriter with the Platinum-certified hit “Whiskey in my Water.” 

Beginning March 3, Tyler Farr will bring his new music to the stage as he joins Koe Wetzel for six dates on The Road To Hell Paso Pt. 1 Tour

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