Tyler Hubbard Shares New Song ‘Thank God for Little Girls’ and His Daughter’s Reaction To It Is Priceless

“I’m gonna keep it so much…Forever and ever,” Olivia says of the song.


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November 19, 2020

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Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard co-wrote a song called “Thank God for Little Girls” for his 2-year-old daughter, Olivia, and it’s giving fans all the feels.

The superstar shared a heartwarming video of the moment he first played the sentimental tune for Olivia on Instagram on Thursday (Nov. 19), just days after reuniting with his family after a 13-day quarantine due to COVID-19.

In the nearly two-minute video clip, Hubbard is seen cuddling with his daughter as he previews the song from his iPhone.

“I thank God for Country Music/ I thank God for this guitar/ I thank God for every friend I got/ And the fireflies in the dark/ But there’s nothing like the angel that came into my world/ And says I love you daddy/ Thank God for little girls,” Hubbard sings on the chorus.


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He directly addresses Olivia in the second verse.

“It’s about you. Listen to this part,” he sweetly tells her.

“Yeah, nowadays I hurry home/ And run right up the stairs, just in time to watch her fold her hands and say them bedtime prayers/ She thanks the lord for mom and dad and grandma back at home/ Yeah, she’s got her whole list memorized and I memorized my own,” he sings.

“I like that song for me,” she says. “I’m gonna keep it so much…Forever and ever!”

Hubbard revealed that he co-wrote the tender song alongside Lori McKenna and Dave Barnes while in quarantine on his tour bus.

“This is one of my favorite moments with her so far,” he captioned the clip.

Click above to listen to “Thank God for Little Girls.”

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