Uncover The Meaning Behind Corey Kent’s ‘This Heart’

The country-rocker says there’s “an energy” to this song that “you can’t fabricate.”


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 28, 2024

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Corey Kent; Photo Provided

Corey Kent’s newest song, “This Heart” is shaping up to be his biggest song yet. Keep reading to learn the story behind the song and understand why fans were so quick to take a liking to it.  

Breaking Down The Lyrics

The tune begins with tension-filled guitar strums that slowly build to meet the Oklahoma native/Texas-based artist’s somber vocals. In the opening verse, Kent offers a raw look into the dark path he’s headed down as he’s unable to release the pain felt deep within his heart. 

He sings, “Yeah I’m up to no good again/ Burnin’ through a second wind/ Turnin’ these doubles into nothing/ Tryna drown something/ Burnin’ down in my chest/ It’s beatin’ me black and blue/ Like only goodbye’ll do/ Wish I could just drop it/ But I got a problem/ And it ain’t even you, no, it ain’t even you.”

Corey Kent; This Heart
Corey Kent; This Heart

The “Wild As Her” singer’s frustration continues into the chorus where the heartbreaking imagery is elevated as he describes the aftermath of a relationship that’s come to an end. The steady instrumentals match the increased display of heavy emotions in the country crooner’s voice by amping up the electric guitar riffs and the relentless passion of the drumbeats. 

“Damn this heart and everything that comes with it/ Damn this “missin’ you every night” feelin’/ I’d rip it out, girl, if I didn’t need it/ If you’re gonna break it, why don’t you keep it?/ It ain’t doin’ nothin’ but keepin’ me up/ I can’t help it, it just loves what it loves/ It hurt like hell when you tore it apart/ But I didn’t know that it would take it this hard/ But damn this heart,” the hitmaker delivers. 

Interlaced between the chorus, Kent finds himself wishing he had never let himself get to the point in the relationship where the ending would make him feel like he’s being drug “through hell and back again.” He notes several times that what he’s going through is less about the person and more about the overall feeling of loss and emptiness that is what’s hitting him the hardest. Kent relates the level of pain to being “beatin’” until he’s “black and blue.”

Corey Kent; Photo Provided

Kent Reflects On The Moment He Realized This Song Was “Special”

Fans offered incredibly positive feedback after Kent first teased “This Heart” on social media back in August, making it his most anticipated release to date. He has garnered close to 20 million views on the sound on TikTok alone.

“This Heart” was written by Thomas Archer, Blake Bollinger, Jacob Hackworth and Michael Tyler and produced by frequent collaborator Chris Farren. Surrounding the song’s official release in January 2024, Corey Kent reflected on his days recording it in the studio, saying he and his team mutually agreed it was going to be a “special” addition to his discography. 

“I feel like we all knew in the studio that this was going to be special. Just there’s an energy that you can’t fabricate,” Kent shared. “Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. And with ‘This Heart,’ we really felt like we just had a magical moment. Within the song and sonically, everything was lining up the way that I wanted it to. And it was the perfect blend of lyric and music to create something that I think a lot of people are gonna love.

The Heartbreaking Visuals Come To Life In A New Music Video 

The release is accompanied by an official music video. Directed by Gus, the video intertwines performance clips of Kent putting his powerhouse vocals to the test while a set of characters act out the downfall of their relationship. Their emotions take over as alcoholism leads to arguments and an incredibly toxic situation. 

Kent also makes a cameo throughout the clips as he portrays the friend who acts as the saving grace for the man when the pain of knowing his relationship is over gets to be too unbearable. 

YouTube video

Corey Kent’s booming momentum continued into 2024 when he reached gold status with his single, “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.” The tune has rked in over 80 million streams worldwide and is working its way up the country radio chart. 

The singer/songwriter is currently serving as a special guest on Parker McCollum’s “Burn It Down” tour for 39 dates throughout the United States.

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