Walker County’s ‘No Smoke and Mirrors’ EP Offers A Look At Every Side Of The Sister Duo

“No Smoke and Mirrors is a look at every side of Walker County,” the duo’s Ivy Walker shares.


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February 21, 2023

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Nearly a decade after signing with Warner Music Nashville, Walker County has finally released a debut EP, No Smoke and Mirrors

Released earlier this month, the five-song project showcases the duo’s vast influences as well as their vocal and songwriting talents.  

No Smoke and Mirrors is a look at every side of Walker County,” Ivy Walker shared. “We wanted to create an EP that represented the women we’ve grown to be through our 16 years of writing and playing music. You will hear us sing about love, heartbreak, good times and personal breakthroughs. These songs have been compiled over the years of writing here in Nashville with some of the best collaborators, and now these words have finally found their day to shine. We are so excited for y’all to hear what we’ve been working toward. No Smoke and Mirrors is OUT NOW!”

Walker County EP
Walker County EP

A Duo You Need To Know

Walker County, comprised of sisters Ivy and Sophie Walker, released the first of the EP’s five tracks, “You and Jesus,” (with Greylan James) this past fall. Fans got another taste of the project on January 13 when they released the song “Mirror Mirror”, along with its official music video. 

The newest release was written by Ivy and Sophie along with Autumn McEntire and Jennifer Schott. The song is an anthem of self-love and embracing one’s beauty. This is beautifully depicted in their new music video with the sister pair embracing their own natural beauty with a more stripped-down view of Ivy and Sophie, much different than their usual glamorous appearances.

YouTube video

Ivy and Sophie Strive To Be Good Examples

“It’s so important to us to be good examples for the next generation,” Sophie shared on Instagram. “Even though we love getting glam and wearing fun makeup looks, we realize that in today’s world there is an immense pressure on women and young girls. Our society’s beauty standards are impossible to keep up with, and we never want to contribute to that. We believe that each and every one of us are divinely created. YOU are beautiful and you are one of a kind. We hope anyone who watches this video, man or woman, knows that this is true. Please be kind to yourself, you are the only you there is, and you are loved just the way you are!”

Ivy, who serves as lead vocalist, has a strong range and powerful voice. Sophie harmonizes beautifully with her sister while also keeping the rhythm on the drums. Walker County is truly a family affair with the addition of their father, Billy Walker, who plays lead guitar for the group. The sisters have formulated a unique sound derived from the sounds of middle America. Their sonic roots extend into traditional country and add some edge with a southern rock flare.   

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Country and Southern Rock Influences

The sisters grew up in Sulpher Springs, Indiana. They spent most of their teenage years traveling back and forth to Nashville whenever they could, busking on lower Broadway. They have now shared the stage with the likes of the late Loretta Lynn as well as Martina McBride, Old Dominion, Eli Young Band, and more. 

Ivy and Sophie even performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022. They’ve also already amassed millions of streams across platforms with fan-favorite tracks such as “Bits & Pieces” and “Drag It Out.”  Now with their EP available to stream now, Walker County is ready to take the music industry by storm.


1. Stoned (Sophie Walker, Ivy Walker, Ashley Monroe)

2. Mirror Mirror (Sophie Walker, Ivy Walker, Autumn McEntire, Jennifer Schott)

3. Between Boyfriends (Sophie Walker, Ivy Walker, Will Bundy, Emily Landis)

4. Yours Tonight (Sophie Walker, Ivy Walker, AJ Pruis, Thomas Finchum)

5. You and Jesus (with Greylan James) (Aaron Ratiere, Brad Clawson, Greylan James Egan)

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