Walker Hayes and Wife Laney Enjoy ‘Applebee’s On A Date Night’ On 18th Anniversary

Walker Hayes and his wife Laney celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary at Applebee’s Monday (Jun. 13). Bringing his lyrics from…


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June 14, 2022


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Walker Hayes and Laney; Photos via Instagram

Walker Hayes and his wife Laney celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary at Applebee’s Monday (Jun. 13).

Bringing his lyrics from “Fancy Like” to life, Hayes shared videos of he and wife Laney at the popular restaurant to his Instagram account.

In one video, Laney showed off the couple’s Applebee’s gold card that they planned to use to pay their dinner bill.

“Gonna drop that gold card?” Hayes asked his wife while filming. “Let me hear it hit the table.”

“I’m a bit embarrassed, aren’t you?” Laney responded, still holding the card. “This [card] legit weighs a lot.” Laney then went for it and dropped the card on the table, causing a loud crash, which prompted both her and Hayes to laugh. 

“Didn’t know it was gonna be that loud,” Hayes said of the card hitting the table in a text overlay written on the video.

In another six-minute, forty-three-second video posted to Instagram, Hayes and wife Laney enjoyed some spinach dip at the restaurant in honor of their anniversary.

“It’s no lie that Laney loves Applebee’s,” Walker Hayes said looking into the camera. “I asked her, ‘where do you want to go for our 18th?’ and she said, ‘Applebee’s.’ She’s so low maintenance,” he added.

Hayes and Laney went on to discuss their 18 years of marriage, sharing that they’re still “best friends” even when they fight. They also reflected on the harder years of their marriage, both citing the loss of their daughter Oakleigh as one of the tougher parts of marriage they’ve had to navigate.

“18 years and we’re still here eating at Applebee’s,” Hayes said.

Hayes also shared a photo of him and wife Laney to Instagram in honor of their anniversary, writing, “Laney, if you get on the gram and look at this, I love you. You’re my best friend. Happy anniversary. 18 years baby let’s goooo,” before adding a 💪 emoji.

Walker Hayes met his wife Laney in elementary school but they didn’t start dating until high school. The couple both starred in their high school play, Little Shop of Horrors where Laney first noticed that Hayes could sing. 

They eventually went on their first date, sitting inside a construction site machine that had a key in it and talking for hours. The pair broke up for nine or ten months after college before they eventually wed on June 12, 2004.

The pair shares six surviving children, Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley, and Everly. The couple’s youngest daughter Oakleigh died in childbirth back in 2018.

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