Watch Arthur Gunn Perform During the ‘American Idol’ Finale

Arthur Gunn; Photo Courtesy American Idol
Arthur Gunn; Photo Courtesy American Idol
Arthur Gunn; Photo Courtesy American Idol

After securing a spot in American Idol Top 5, Arthur Gunn had two more chances to show off his talent, performing a song to celebrate his spot in the Top 5 and a previously performed song that would ultimately become his single if he wins American Idol.

For his first performance, Gunn covered Gavin DeGraw’s massive hit, “I Don’t Want To Be.” The song was featured on DeGraw’s 2003 debut album, Chariot, and was the theme song of the hit show One Tree Hill.

Gunn’s delivered a rockin’ performance of the song, in which the judges absolutely loved.

“I can tell that it’s the finale cause of that finale, you are leaving it all on your living room floor,” Katy Perry gushed. “You’ve grown so much, so proud to have you in the Top 5.”

His performance also impressed Luke Bryan, who told him, “I just love how you connected with the camera, then you went into your own rock star, moves like jagger kind of world.”

Next up, Gunn once again re-visited the Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen The Sun.” This was Gunn’s third time performing the song during his Idol journey.

“You’re an absolute star,” Lionel Richie praised after his performance.

Perry also complimented Gunn, joking that he took the “winning pill” before his performance.

“Way to nail every aspect of American Idol, you have checked every American Idol box that you need to check in my opinion,” Bryan added.

Fans who would like to vote for Arthur Gunn can vote online or by texting 16 to 21523. The winner of American Idol will be crowned at the conclusion of Sunday’s show.