WATCH: Brothers Osborne Recruits Leslie Jordan To Star In ‘I’m Not For Everyone’ Music Video

Brothers Osborne, Leslie Jordan; Photos via YouTube
Brothers Osborne, Leslie Jordan; Photos via YouTube
Brothers Osborne, Leslie Jordan; Photos via YouTube

Brothers Osborne’s latest single, “I’m Not For Everyone,” comes to life in the just-released music video starring Leslie Jordan. 

The clip, directed by Wes Edwards and Ryan “Flash” Silver, features Jordan as the main character who finds himself in a rowdy bar filled with a few unruly characters. Unbothered by the chaos that ensues around him, Jordan goes about his business enjoying himself as a bar fight breaks out around him. In the end, he brings everyone together after an act of kindness. 

“We got our dear friend Leslie Jordan to be the protagonist and he is absolutely killing it,” John Osborne says. “He doesn’t look like anyone here, and it doesn’t bother him. He sticks out like a sore thumb. The song is about not being for everyone, but the core of the song is about embracing that part of you, and Leslie does it perfectly. The concept they came up with is always way beyond what we could ever do.”

TJ Osborne echoed his brother’s sentiments, saying the video was “way beyond what we could ever do.”

“I’m Not For Everyone” is featured on Brothers Osborne’s third studio album, Skeletons. The song was co-written by John and TJ alongside Andrew DeRoberts. 

“’I’m Not For Everyone’ is one of our favorite songs on the record, because it really speaks a lot about our philosophy on life and it really speaks to us just being ourselves,” John Osborne recently explained in an interview with his record label. “At some point, you just have to realize that you can’t make everybody happy all the time. The second you realize that it really takes the pressure off of you and just allows you to be yourself. It starts off saying, ‘Some people clap on the 1 and 3 and some people clap on the 2 and 4 and some people don’t join at all because they don’t have any rhythm and that’s alright.’ We can all get along. We can all just coexist in the same place even though we might not get along outside of that place, and it’s okay to not be for everyone. My brother and I certainly are because we speak our mind and catch a lot of s%@ (beep)t for it.”

Click above to watch the brand new “I’m Not For Everyone” music video. 

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