WATCH: Keith Urban Gives a Nod To Johnny Cash In His New ‘Wild Hearts’ Music Video

Country superstar Keith Urban tips his hat to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash – in the new music…


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February 16, 2022


1:04 pm

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Keith Urban, Wild Hearts

Country superstar Keith Urban tips his hat to the Man in Black – Johnny Cash – in the new music video for his latest single, “Wild Hearts.” 

The track is for “all the dreamers,” “born to be rockstars,” and “lost ones who aren’t really lost ones.”

Urban shares, “I wanted to create the feeling of the journey I’ve been on from day one – hoping that one day I’d be playing live in front of as many people as can be jammed into a concert hall.” According to the four-time GRAMMY winner, the boombox shown in the beginning of the video “represents the beginning, when I had no band, and I just played to a couple of people.” 

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Jamming to his guitar on the rooftop of a building in the big city, Urban catches the attention of dreamers walking across the streets. The video transitions into Keith playing with a band in front of a huge crowd in an arena.

 “The building I’m playing on starts rising higher, as the audience grows,” explains Urban.  “All of this leading to a starry sky becoming a sea of camera phones in the air – a phenomenal sight to see from any stage.”

The father of two gives a subtle nod to Johnny Cash within the lyrics as he sings: “Saw the man in black/ Spotlight in the air/ Heard a thousand screams/ I saw my daddy stare/ Feel like I’ve been runnin’/ Since the day that I was born/ Eagle on my back/ Phoenix on my arm.” For those who may not know, Urban’s first concert was Johnny Cash when he attended with his late father when he was just 5 years old.

Keith Urban, Wild Hearts
Keith Urban, Wild Hearts

In the video, Urban sports a black t-shirt with Cash’s face on it, giving a subtle nod to the legendary country singer. 

After years of not being able to play shows for a live audience, Urban is so excited to finally get to perform again with the launch of his upcoming Speed Of Now World Tour

He says, “All of this gives me the same adrenaline rush. Knowing that we’re heading back out on the road again – it’s been so long since we’ve done that.  I feel like a caged animal kicking at the gate to be let out!”

Keith Urban will begin his The Speed of Now World Tour on April 28th in the United Kingdom, and will be starting the U.S. leg of the tour in Tampa, Florida on June 17th.

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