WATCH: Kentucky Construction Worker Noah Thompson Thrills with Unexpected Cover On ‘American Idol’

Week after week, American Idol contestant Noah Thompson has gone on to prove he’s in the competition to win it…


Lauren Jo Black

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April 17, 2022

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Noah Thompson; Photo by ABC, American Idol

Week after week, American Idol contestant Noah Thompson has gone on to prove he’s in the competition to win it and this week was no different. The Kentucky native wowed with an unexpected song choice and once again won over viewers with his authentic personality. 

Moments before his performance, Thompson reflected on his father and the impact he had on him as a musician while thumbing through cherished photos from his childhood.

“As a child, I was just always around music, my dad gave me his guitar. Dad showed me the simplest of chords and I kind of just took off,” Thompson recalled. “My dad really wanted to be in music, that was his dream also. Kind of the whole point of me being here, for my dad. I wanted to do it almost for the both of us.” 

The former construction worker admitted that his Idol journey has had a profound impact on his life. 

“[My dad] believes me in obviously, but I never believed in myself, so for me to have made it this far it’s definitely a confidence booster. I want this to be something that me and [my son] Walker could do together too,” he added. “I think he’s going to have a voice on him probably, he’s got a hell of a yelling voice, that’s for sure.”

While he confessed he did not expect to make it this far in the competition but is “grateful” that he did, Thompson hopes to continue on this journey as he thinks it could offer him and his son “a completely different life.” 

Taking the stage for a countrified cover of Harry Styles’ “Falling,” Thompson made the popular hit by the One Direction singer his own.

The performance earned a lengthy standing ovation from the Idol judges and the live audience. 

“Wow, that was awesome,” Luke Bryan gushed at the conclusion of Thompson’s performance. 

“Before you walk out on stage for the rest of your life say, ‘I have arrived,’” Lionel Richie told him. “Once you say that then you walk out and wherever you are in that space and time is your very own victory lap. Tonight, you were just a little shy. You have made it my brother. Enjoy this run.”

“Woah, Easter Sunday, he is risen,” Katy Perry said. “Noah you just deserve the world. You are a great human being. I miss my baby, I bet you miss your baby, but the way that you sang to your baby just touched my heart and it’s amazing, you’re so humble and beautiful. So whatever happens, you’ve got your shot. You have opened the door, just walk through it.”

“Yeah, you’re going to aw shucks your way to the top and it’s authentic,” Luke Bryan said. ”You’re just waking up, putting your boots on one boot at a time and man you’re getting more confident and you’re getting better and better. And you’re doing Harry Styles’ songs, I mean, you’re growing and then through all of that there’s just a really awesome feeling heart and that’s what American loves to watch.”

Thompson’s hometown is embracing his success throughout Kentucky. A local establishment even named a hot tea after him.

To vote for Noah Thompson, visit, Text 18 to 21523 or use the American Idol app. Voting opens at the end of the show and is open till 9 a.m. EST.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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