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LOCASH recently took to the stage at the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville for the Country Now Live Series, which streamed exclusively…


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August 18, 2021


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LOCASH recently took to the stage at the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville for the Country Now Live Series, which streamed exclusively on CTRL_Music_ on Twitch. Prior to their full-band performance, the country music duo, comprised of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, sat down with Country Now to take part in a fun little game dubbed the “Duo Challenge.”

The two-person game is played with each band member secretly writing down an answer to a question regarding their respective personalities on a piece of paper. The activity helps players find out how well they know each other and reveals precisely who knows the other better.

LOCASH was asked to dish on questions like, “Who is most likely to cry during a movie,” “Who is the funniest,” “Who is the best cook,” “How would you describe the other in one word,” “Who is the biggest slob on the road” and more. After each artist jotted down their response, they were then required to hold up their answer for all to see.

The game made for a few good laughs, and when it came down to describing each other in one word, the boys got into a lighthearted mini-scuffle. Brust wrote down that Lucas was “impatient,” with Lucas thinking his duo partner would have, instead, jotted down the word “loyal.”

“C’mon dude,” Lucas says in the video in response to Brust’s answer.

“Ask our managers,” Brust replies, insisting that his buddy is, indeed, impatient.

And, when the tables turned, and Lucas had to describe Brust in one word, he joked, “I’m putting down something horrible.”

He was kidding, of course, and instead, described Brust, using the term “brother.”

“I’m going nice, guys, ‘cause he’s not,” Lucas said. “I am. I’m loyal. That’s why I’m writing this down.”

LOCASH has been going strong since 2004. So, it only makes sense that Country Now did some digging to find out more about the duo’s personalities! Click the video below to find out more interesting facts about LOCASH, and who out of Lucas and Brust knows the other better!

YouTube video

LOCASH has continued to work hard since things have started to open back up following last year’s shutdown. The “One Big Country Song” singers, who spent the majority of 2020 in separate states, will be releasing new music in the future, although no new details have been shared just yet of the forthcoming project.

LOCASH is currently on the road performing at various shows, fairs, and music festivals. They also have performances in the books for 2022, including the annual Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California. Fans can look for more information on upcoming shows from LOCASH on their official website here.

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