WATCH: Luke Bryan Shocks Alana Springsteen With Big News Over FaceTime Call

Alana Springsteen recently received a FaceTime from country superstar Luke Bryan letting her know that she will get to step into the…


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October 5, 2022

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Luke Bryan, Alana Springsteen; Photos via TikTok

Alana Springsteen recently received a FaceTime from country superstar Luke Bryan letting her know that she will get to step into the historic circle and make her Opry debut on the day of her 22nd Birthday, Oct. 18.

The whole thing, which she deemed “the biggest surprise of my life” was caught on video and then shared to socials on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Before she unveiled the heartwarming moment, Springsteen explained that her manager told her they were going to get together before she flew to Bali, but the one stipulation was that she was not allowed to ask any questions regarding their meeting.

When she got there, she received an unexpected call from Bryan and based on her expression, she instantly knew something good was coming from the “Country On” singer. 

“I’m calling to give you the news that you will be making your grand Ole Opry debut on your birthday, Oct 18,” Bryan said happily.

In her caption, she revealed that this is a milestone moment she and her family have been dreaming of since she picked up the guitar at 7 years old and started writing songs at 9 years old. 

Alana Springsteen Opry Debut
Alana Springsteen Opry Debut

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was little. There are so many videos of me at nine years old, playing a guitar that was bigger than me in the house I grew up in. I’d put on shows for my parents and grandparents in Virginia, and we’d all pretend they were watching me on the Grand Ole Opry stage,” Springstead wrote.

What made this call from Bryan even more special was the fact that when she was younger, she had seen him perform on the same stage that she will get to play on later this month. From that moment on, she has been motivated to do whatever it took to turn her passion into her dream career.

Alana Springsteen; Photo by Anna Clary
Alana Springsteen; Photo by Anna Clary

“Getting the FaceTime call from Luke [Bryan] was surreal,” she added. “I was 10 years old when I saw him play ‘Rain Is A Good Thing’ at the Opry. I had just taken a tour with my parents and we got to watch the show from the pews onstage, which I thought was the coolest thing. It was one of those moments that added fuel to the fire as I realized I wanted to chase this dream.”

The rising artist then got on the phone with her family members to share the good news with them. Their faces of pride and excitement said it all. 

“After I hung up with Luke, I called my parents and grandparents. I’m so grateful they’re going to be there to watch me play. To be fair, they’ve seen me play the Opry hundreds of times, but we won’t have to use our imaginations on October 18,” she joked. “Thank you to the entire Opry team for the invite, and to Luke for taking the time to make this an extra special memory for me. I GET TO PLAY THE OPRY!”

Alana Springsteen; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Alana Springsteen; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Bryan responded in the comments saying, “Sounds like an amazing birthday party! See ya at @crashmyplaya.”

At the end of the video, she thanked the Idol judge and said she “can’t wait” to meet him in person.

The Virginia Beach native made the move to Nashville at 14 years old and landed a publishing deal almost immediately, proving that her talent will take her far in the industry. Her recently-released project, History of Breaking up (Part Two), follows the first installment of the record, which she dropped in 2021. Springsteen co-wrote all but one track on the album, plus co-produced and played guitar on five.

She recently honored Chris Stapleton at Nashville Songwriters Association International’s 5th annual Nashville Songwriter Awards by performing his hit, “You Should Probably Leave” and in the new year, she will join Adam Doleac on the road as support for his Barstool Whiskey Wonderland Tour. The trek will run from February through May.

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