WATCH: Noah Thompson Talks New Music While Playing With Puppies On The ‘Pupdate’

Thompson doesn’t currently own a puppy but he said he’d consider it.


Madeleine O’Connell

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April 6, 2023


12:39 pm

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Noah Thompson; Photo by Anna Clary

The Country Now Pupdate is back with Noah Thompson!

It didn’t take long for Noah Thompson to fall in love with the adorable puppies, of Wags and Walks. He was quickly surrounded by tail wags, snuggles and a bit of puppy mischief during his visit to the Country Now studio in Nashville, TN. 

While he doesn’t have a dog currently, the singer/songwriter found himself tempted to adopt a furry friend to bring back to his new Nashville home.

Noah Thompson; Photo by Country Now
Noah Thompson; Photo by Country Now

“I had a dog on my own, but he ended up passing away and then, you know, I didn’t really have a dog since. It would be nice to probably, since I’ve moved now and I’m kind of by myself, it’d be nice to have a puppy now,” said Thompson. 

As he got to know these puppies, Thompson discussed his recent move from Kentucky to music city, balancing dad duties with his son, Walker, finding his “Noah Thompson sound,” and more. 

Thompson was crowned the Season 20 winner of the singing competition show, American Idol. Since his time on the show, he’s continued to capture the hearts of country fans through his first set of music which includes “Make You Rich” and “One Day Tonight,” as well as his cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.”

Noah Thompson; Photo by Anna Clary
Noah Thompson; Photo by Anna Clary

While he confirmed he’s been working on his songwriting skills, Thompson has yet to share any songs that he’s had a hand in penning. 

Luckily, his recent move to Nashville has brought plenty more opportunities to write with some of the best songwriters in the business. 

“It feels really good to know that I’m finally here and I get to write and be in the studio a lot more and meet more people and, you know, it’s already been so much better,” he shared.

“Honestly, I’m excited to get in the room with anybody I can get in the room with just because, I mean, they’ve worked with insane artists that I grew up listening to,” Thompson added. “So, I’m always appreciative and I make sure, I always let them know, you know, I’m appreciative of them taking the time to write with me in the first place.”

New Music

Most recently, fans have been itching to get their hands on the song that Noah Thompson has been teasing on social media titled, “She Gets It From Me.”

“I was just listening to a list of bunch of different songs and I don’t know, for some reason that one just kind of stuck with me,” he said, sharing the reason behind why he chose to record this track. “It’s just a good love song and I feel like a lot of people can relate to it and resonate with it.”

This song gives another glimpse into a forthcoming, yet-to-be announced project, which he confirmed to Country Now is in fact in the works.

YouTube video

The puppies seemed to be just as excited about this news. One even jumped into his lap to get a closer listen as he said, “yes, a hundred percent. That’s kind of what all this is about. I’ve just been going back and forth with the songs and I’m trying to get some of my own, you know, songs I’ve actually gotten to write on with all the other writers in Nashville.”

He continued, “That’s kind of what I’m looking forward to, putting out more music that I’ve gotten to write on and be more relatable with in stuff that actually is coming from me.”

When asked about upcoming touring plans, Thompson shared that he has plenty of shows on the books and he’s hoping to get back on the road “as soon as possible.” 

Noah Thompson; Photo by Country Now
Noah Thompson; Photo by Country Now

His final ask of the day was to try and name each of the puppies. So one by one, Thompson picked up the adorable animals in front of him and gave them a name that best fit their personalities. 

For more with Thompson, including touring with Idol runner-up HunterGirl, his thoughts on watching the new round of contestants on the singing competition show, and more, click above to watch the Pupdate

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