WATCH: Thomas Rhett Embraces His Adventurous Spirit In Fritos ‘Down For Everything’ TV Commercial

With four kids in the house, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren may have their hands full, but they still…


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February 28, 2022


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Thomas Rhett Fritos Down for Everything; Photo by Dan Videtich

With four kids in the house, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren may have their hands full, but they still strive to keep the adventurous spirit alive through road trips, fishing, hiking and just enjoying each other’s company. When it comes to making memories, Fritos has been at the forefront of their traditions, even before they had a family of their own. Because of this, the reigning ACM Male Artist of the Year, has been selected to partner with the Fritos brand for their first TV commercial in 20 years.

The “Down for Everything” commercial showcases a carefree Thomas Rhett staying connected to some of the best parts of life – family, friends, sitting around a fire, and of course, eating his favorite flavor of Fritos chips. “Honey BBQ twist has been my go-to for a very long time,” he revealed to Country Now. “Whether it’s a road trip or football game, or  watching sports on TV, it’s kind of a necessity for me.”

Thomas Rhett Fritos Down for Everything; Photo by Dan Videtich
Thomas Rhett Fritos Down for Everything; Photo by Dan Videtich

Luckily, for his first time starring in a commercial, all Thomas Rhett had to do was be himself and embrace the “Down For Everything” motto, which he already does in real life. “It was a great learning experience and I couldn’t think of anyone to do it better with and Fritos my first one,” he told us. 

The 30-second national commercial reveals that the many flavors of Fritos chips can be part of everything that’s good and true in life, including backroads, romantic comedies and country music. It airs today, February 28, one week ahead of his performance at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards.

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The ACM Male Artist of the Year nominee continues to make an effort to go the extra mile in his career. He took on this new challenge and now, he’s preparing for the release of his sixth studio album, Where We Started. This project shows off his diverse taste in music, stemming from icons such as, George Strait, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin and Alan Jackson. The wide variety of tracks includes “Us Someday,” “Slow Down Summer” and fresh collaborations with Riley Green, Katy Perry and more. Following his ACM nominated album, Country Again: Side A, Where We Started will drop on April 1. Don’t worry, Thomas Rhett hasn’t forgotten about the second half of his double album. Country Again: Side B it set to release later this year. 

Read on for an inside look at this flavorful partnership with the country superstar and what to expect in his latest project, Where We Started:

You starring in Fritos’ first TV commercial in 20 years. How do you feel about being asked to partner with this brand for their “Down For Everything” commercial?

It was honestly just a huge honor to get asked to do it in the first place. I feel like I have been eating Fritos since I was a child, and I love anything that reminds me of my childhood, whether it’s a movie or a sports game, or something as simple as a chip. Getting that phone call was really cool because I feel like Fritos is just such a timeless and classic brand that has been around for years, almost 90 years to be exact.

You pondered over a handful of “this or that” questions throughout the commercial, so I wanted to ask you a “this or that” question pertaining to your upcoming album, Where We Started. This collection features heartfelt, slow songs and upbeat jams, so between romantic ballads and high energy party songs, which do you prefer to perform? 

I love them both, but I’m just a me-and-a-guitar kind of person at the core of me…I just love being able to sit down and write a true singer-songwriter song and play it for people that appreciate it like that, as I watched my dad do. Those are the kind of songs I started writing in college so still to this day, when I pick up a guitar, I’m going to write a ballad. That is why I thank God every day for co-writers who helped and encouraged me to write something fun, because I do love playing uptempo party jams on the road. I think having a healthy balance of both is crucial. 

Thomas Rhett Fritos Down for Everything; Photo by Dan Videtich
Thomas Rhett Fritos Down for Everything; Photo by Dan Videtich

What was the thought process behind choosing these 15 tracks for this particular record?

I love making my records kind of accessible for a lot of people. On this record in particular, I kind of take you through a little bit of an emotional journey of starting the record with a song like “The Hill,” going straight into a song called “Church Boots.” Those songs could not be more opposite from each other. But that’s what I love about albums is that you get to pick the journey you want the listener to go on. That’s kind of the story behind Where We Started.

In 2021, you released Country Again: Side A and while we’re waiting for the second half of this double album, Country Again: Side B, you’re going to drop your sixth studio album, Where We Started. Why did you decide to release another project in between your double album?

In the process of writing Side B, I started getting back on the road, especially after the pandemic sort of started to shed its layers a little bit. I got to get back out into the world and just have some perspective, because really, when I was writing Country Again: Side A, I had no perspective except for being in my home…When I started getting back on the road, I was like, man, people did not forget how to party one, one bit, that that never left anyone’s brain. When I started playing shows I started writing a little bit different, I kind of started writing for my live shows. I wrote this song called “Where We Started,” that was definitely not a Country Again: Side B type song, and then I wrote another one that kind of didn’t feel like Country Again: Side B, but then I wrote a few that did. So I was like, well how cool would it be to write an interim record, if you will, between the two?

There are some exciting collaborations on Where We Started including Riley Green, Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson, but one in particular really stands out – Katy Perry. Why did you feel she was the right artist to collaborate with on the title track?

Originally, that song wasn’t going to have a feature. The more I listened to it, the more my label was like, this could be kind of cool with a feature…I’ve definitely collaborated in the pop world before, but never with someone of the status of Katy Perry. So, my label sent her this song and I kind of laughed because I was like, “there’s no way that she’s going to respond, first of all, and second of all, she probably has no idea who I am.” They sent it to her and she loved it; She really resonated with that story. The next week, she was in the studio, putting her vocals on it and when I got it back, I was floored. I think she did a killer job and we just recorded a music video for it a couple weeks ago, so I finally got to meet her in person. I got to tell her how big of a fan I’ve been since I was 14 years old.

Fans can click above to watch Thomas Rhett in the Fritos “Down For Everything” commercial and click HERE to pre-order his new album, Where We Started

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