Who Are The Castellows? Meet The Sister Trio That’s Destined To Make Waves In Country Music

The Georgia-born trio recently signed a record deal and released their first song, “No.7 Road.”


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 27, 2023


4:30 pm

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The Castellows; Photo Provided

Ellie, Powell and Lily, the trio of sisters that make up The Castellows, are rising out of their social media fame and taking their careers to the next level as one of the newest signees of Warner Music Nashville/Warner Records. 

The group first gained the attention of country music lovers when they began posting covers to their Instagram and TikTok accounts back in 2022. Fast forward to a little over a year later and they’re seeing their dreams unfold by signing a recording contract with Warner Music Nashville/Warner Records, joining the Make Wake Artists management roster, and partnering with WME for global representation.

The Castellows Are Three Sisters Who Sing Country Music

The Castellows; Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville / Warner Records
The Castellows; Photo Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville / Warner Records

While speaking with Country Now from the back porch of their family home, The Castellows gave a closer look into their roller-coaster of a journey and how they went from pursuing their own unique career paths in Georgia to moving to Nashville and jumping into a slew of new experiences. 

“I think it took us a while to realize, ‘Oh, this is actually something here,’” Powell, 20, explained. “It probably wasn’t even until we started talking to people in the industry.”

“We didn’t know we were doing it until we moved up to Nashville. I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, what the heck are we doing?” Lily, 19, added.

They Originally Pursued Careers Outside Of Music

While they currently live in Music City, the trio hail from Georgetown, Georgia, where they grew up on land that was home to many generations before them and were homeschooled by their mom until breaking off to pursue their own paths in college. 

In fact, before they began sharing snippets of their talent on social media, music wasn’t even on their radars for a potential career, as Powell explained. It was simply a passion they started pursuing from a young age within the confines of church, private local parties, and their home. 

“So we actually never even considered it,” she shared. “We’ve always grown up playing, but it’s always been a hobby for us. That was never really something we thought about.”

Powell, who is a triplet with Ellie and their brother Henry, graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in one of her greatest passions, agriculture. While attending UGA at the same time, Ellie pursued management information systems and international business with hopes of landing a job in the corporate world. During that time, Lily earned her pilot’s license and had plans to be a commercial or corporate pilot. 

“So we all have backup plans in case,” Powell joked.

Introduction Into The World Of Co-Writing

While this new musical venture has been a challenge, it’s also brought plenty of adventures and learning experiences. This includes their introduction into the world of co-writing, something that has now become a part of their regular routine as Nashville residents. 

“It’s definitely been a really, really big adjustment, but it’s been good,” Powell said honestly before her sister Lily added, “And I think it’s been bigger for each one of us for different reasons. I was at home on the farm and…I moved from the middle of nowhere to, you know, we have neighbors that are right next to us.”

Ellie also shared, “I think the biggest thing is adjusting to the work and everything, getting up and thinking, ‘Oh, my job is to go write a song with someone.’ That’s crazy but it’s been really cool.”

No. 7 Road; Cover Art Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville/Warner Records
No. 7 Road; Cover Art Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville/Warner Records

What Is The Castellows First Song?

The Castellows’ first-ever release, “No. 7 Road” was born from one of those sessions alongside the esteemed songwriter, Hillary Lindsey. For their third co-write ever, they came in with an idea and Lindsey helped them bring the full picture to life in a charming tune filled with personal aspects of their story that highlight Georgia, aka their “little slice of Heaven.”

“Co-writes were something that was really intimidating to us to begin with because we didn’t want to somebody to change what we were doing or we were kind of worried that we’d get into a writer’s room and it would be something that was just maybe something they had seen before,” Powell explained. “We were just kind of nervous about it, but what I love about that is we came to her with this idea and she helped us make it our own and it’s real. You know, we don’t have a front porch swing, it’s a back porch swing. So you got to say back porch swing. Aspects like that were just really encouraging for us to have that first experience in the co-writing world.” 

“It wasn’t about her finishing a song in 30 minutes. It was about her making a song something that we loved and we wanted to sing,” Lily added. 

“No. 7 Road” Serves As An Introduction To The Group

Throughout the delicate string of harmonies, banjo plucks, acoustic guitar strums, and mid-tempo drum beats, fans get a true introduction to where The Castellows come from and the sound they’re bringing into the world of country music.

“I really hope that our listeners can relate to it in the sense that most people have a sort of connection to their home and where they come from and where they grow up, especially in the area we’re in. So I really hope that that’s something that people can relate to,” they shared. 

“Yeah, this is the house our daddy grew up in. We’ve obviously repainted and whatnot, but home means a lot to us and we think it means a lot to other people,” Lily continued, while pointing to the white house behind them.  


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In addition to their singing abilities, the sisters are also skilled musicians, as they’ve each adopted their own sounds with the guitar, bass, piano, banjo, and mandolin. 

“Ellie’s probably the most musical out of the three of us. Our grandmother taught her ukulele and piano and then she took guitar lessons and she and I took guitar lessons at the same time,” said Powell. “She got way better way quicker than I did, and I was like, ‘you know, I’m just gonna pick up a different instrument. She can have the guitar.’ So, I’ve actually never taken banjo lessons until I moved to Nashville. I’ve had a couple, but I really enjoyed those. We’ve really enjoyed taking some vocal lessons and doing some banjo lessons, guitar lessons, and just learning.”

Could New Music Be On The Way From The Castellows?

As they took a few moments to reflect on this stage of their lives and all the support they’ve already received from fans and members of the music industry, the trio shared nothing but gratitude and excitement for the future ahead. With that, they hinted at the fact that their very first music video could be on the way in addition to new music that they’ve been working on building out over the past few months. 

“We’re just so thankful and humbled that everyone likes the song and just stay tuned for more music ‘cause we’ve been writing so much and we have so much music that we’re so excited to share,” they collectively agreed. “And we’re really proud of it, we really think that it’s gonna speak to a lot of people, and a lot of people hopefully, will relate to it.”

Once they’ve built up their music catalog, they’re hoping that touring will be just around the corner. 

“We’re so excited to get on the road and really play these songs in front of people because we kind of, you know, you can’t really tour unless you have music. So we’re so excited to finally start having that aspect be more of a focus in our careers,” Ellie said in conclusion. 

In the meantime, The Castellows will continue to grow their fanbase through various shows and festival appearances. For now, their next set is booked for the Country Fest in Cadott, WI on June 27, 2024.

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