Who Is Girl Named Tom?

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom rose to fame on season 21 of NBC’s The Voice.  Comprised of Josh (24), Caleb…


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January 5, 2022

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Girl Named Tom; Photo via Instagram

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom rose to fame on season 21 of NBC’s The Voice

Comprised of Josh (24), Caleb (26), and Bekah Liechty (20), Girl Named Tom is from Pettisville, Ohio, but they currently reside in South Bend, Indiana.

The trio formed following their father’s cancer diagnosis in 2017. According to NBC, Josh, Caleb and Bekah each had plans to become doctors before pursuing music full time. In fact, Caleb and Josh graduated colleges with bio-chemistry degrees and Bekah was set to follow suit. 


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“Our grandpa was a family practitioner in a small town in Indiana,” Bekah explained to Parade. “We definitely wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

Things changed, however, as they scrapped their plans to go to med school to spend more time as a family when they learned of their dad’s terminal illness. 

What started out as a one-year plan, turned into more than they could have ever imagined. Girl Named Tom began driving an old minivan across the U.S., playing a whopping 67 shows in 27 cities before things came to a halt in 2020. 

Girl Named Tom; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC
Girl Named Tom; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC

Then came The Voice

Girl Named Tom joined Kelly Clarkson‘s team following an impressive blind audition, earning a four-chair turn from Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande and Blake Shelton. Their cover of “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash wowed the coaches and fans alike as many placed their bets on Girl Named Tom winning the show following the impressive audition. 

Throughout the season, the trio covered songs by Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Glen Campbell, Ingrid Andress, and Coldplay (just to name a few).

Girl Named Tom’s closed out season 21 of The Voice by making history as the first-ever trio to make it to the finale and win the overall competition.

While they were celebrating their big win, the members of the trio were also experiencing pain as their father’s health had taken a turn for the worse while they were filming the show. 

“The only thing that kept us out there in California was the fact that our parents were watching every week, and it was giving them so much hope in life,” Bekah shared after returning home. “And so in turn, it gave us a lot of life too in that aspect. It’s very much a roller coaster and calling home brought a lot to our emotional selves.”


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In 2022, Girl Named Tom plans to release a full-length album and shared that they “can’t wait” to get into the studio to start recording. 

Fun Fact: 

Girl Named Tom got their unique band name as Joshua and Caleb used to call their sister Bekah “Thomas” when they were young kids. 

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