10 Questions With Chase Matthew

Matthew sat down with Country Now to discuss his forthcoming album, touring, and more.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 17, 2023

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Chase Matthew; Photo by Mayoette

Chase Matthew is in the midst of finding greatness in his music career. Hailing from Nashville, TN, this singer/songwriter has learned to follow his heart in whatever direction that may be, which is the same mantra he preaches during each of his shows. 

Matthew kicked off the year with the release of his song, “Hey Montana,” which he’s already gotten to showcase to fans through his live headlining dates on his Love You Again Tour.

This summer, he will also return to his hometown to perform at the annual CMA Fest.

“It’s gonna be cool,” the rising star teased of the upcoming festival. “Come see me on the Riverfront Stage. We’re doing it big.”

His most recent performance marked a milestone in his career, as he stepped foot into the historic circle to make his Opry debut. Before this memorable night, Matthew sat down with Country Now during the 2023 Country Radio Seminar (CRS) to give a glimpse into his next album, and discuss some exciting life updates including owning his own tour bus and hearing his music on the radio for the very first time.  

Tomorrow night (March 14), you make your Grand Ole Opry debut. What’s been going through your mind as this night gets closer?

I think the craziest part about that is, you know, all my family, when I told them, they couldn’t believe it and, you know, they found out at the same time I did…I mean, let’s talk about the Opry. That place is so legendary to even be able to step foot in there and step foot in that circle is, you know, monumental for anybody and historical, and I got a feeling I’m gonna get cold chills as soon as I put my foot in there.  But I’m so grateful. Thank you to the Opry for that.

Which songs are you planning to perform?

We’re only doing two, but hey, I’m grateful for it. We’re gonna kick the door in with “Born For This,” which is that really heartfelt song that means a lot to me and has a hell of a backstory. Then we’re gonna finish it out with “County Line.” So, you know, gotta play the big one out there, at least the big one for now. We’re upping it this year though. A lot of big things happening. 

Chase Matthew; Photo by CRB, CRS, Kayla Schoen
Chase Matthew; Photo by CRB, CRS, Kayla Schoen

You’re currently in the midst of your headlining Love You Again Tour. How have these shows been going so far?

Awesome. Ticket sales are great, the crowds are coming out, they’re singing along, singing with us. You know, I don’t call it singing to people, I call it singing with people, and I make sure people know that too. This tour is just as inspirational as the last one was. We’re out here giving pep talks in between songs and, you know, making sure people know that you can chase your dreams, you can achieve your dreams, and to just push for ’em. I mean, you can tell people what they want to hear, but then you can tell people what they need to hear. It’s about the message. It’s not about the music, it’s about the word.

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What’s your favorite song to bring on stage with you?

Oh, “Love You Again.” It’s like my new favorite now since it blew up on TikTok and the fans have been eating it up. It’s streaming incredibly, Sirius XM put it in rotation, so it’s really become a new hit of ours. So that’s a fun one. And we also do a couple covers that are really cool, you know, “She’s Country,” Jason Aldean. That’s a crowd favorite, I’m telling you. It don’t matter where you’re at, they know that one. 

Can you recall the first time you heard your music on the radio?

It’s kind of like, I had expectations of what it would be like to hear my song on the radio for the first time, except once it happened, it wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be like. It was better. It was a feeling of not surprise, it was like, “man, you earned it.” And for the longest time, There was so many good things that were happening in my life and I just didn’t feel like I had earned it. Like, I’m not supposed to be here, you know, I’m a high school dropout and I had to snap out of that and realize, you know, it’s God’s plan for my life. But it’s a great feeling to know that country radio is willing to take the risk on a guy that, you know, don’t got a plan B. He’s chasing his dream and I couldn’t be more thankful for that and the fans for pushing it.

Is there anything you can share about your next album that’s expected to drop this year?

We’re shooting for June to drop it and it’s gonna be a bigger album than the last one, I know that. I mean, I know everybody can hype up their own music all day, but this is music I would listen to, you know, and I catch myself, you might call me weird for it, but I catch myself listening to it. 

You recently took to social media to share that you’ve bought your own tour bus. Why did you decide to make this purchase?

I went ahead and made the move to own a bus. It’s cool as a long-term investment. I think it’s smart for some artists, not all of them, but it is a big commitment. And yeah, I just bought a bus. We are fixing it up and getting it perfect and ready for the road right now. Actually, I believe we just got a phone call like an hour ago that it’s ready. So I think we gotta go pick it up.

Did you get to add any customizations to the bus?

A little bit. You know, it was already done up pretty decently, but I’m gonna make a couple changes and build a little studio in it. Like I can work on the road on music, cause that’s all I wanna do is work on music. And we’ll have more space too. The bus we’ve been on, it’s what they call a non-slide. So, I don’t know if you’ve ever been like in an RV or something like where the inside like expands. They call that a slide out, the side of it slides out. This bus has a slide out. And that was a big upgrade for us cause we’ve never had a slide out…I’m so proud to be an owner of a slide-out.

Another big purchase you made recently was a house. How does it feel to now be an official homeowner?

I did buy my first big boy home. You know, it’s not like a big house or nothing, but it doesn’t matter. I’m grateful and I don’t know, it kinda like takes my breath away to really think about it. Like I just sit here and stare at the carpet cause I’m just like, you gotta know like where I came from…there’s a lot of people where I’m from, which I’m from here (Nashville), but there’s a lot of people that didn’t really make it out of a lot of the situations that I was in. I think that if people can remember, and this goes for everybody, if people can just remember to believe in yourselves and trust God’s plan, man, he’ll bless you with so many things. A lot of people judge me cause I get out here and I cuss a little bit, I might drink, I might smoke, but hey, none of us are perfect and I don’t even think God wants to try and hold us accountable to that. He knows we’re sinners and you know, if he didn’t then he wouldn’t have died on the cross for our sins. 

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Going back to the music, you didn’t have a hand in writing your latest release, “Hey Montana,” so what made you decide to cut this song?

This is actually pretty cool, and I’ve never got to tell anybody this and I actually swore I would never do this, what I’m about to tell you. I swore that I would never cut a song that I didn’t write. As I got into the industry more and I realized that “okay, I have potential to like really grow this and take this bigger places,” I found myself in rooms with really talented people. I met this guy named Kyle Winski and he was playing a writer’s round and I heard him play this song. There was hardly anybody in there and I was actually there with somebody else for somebody else, but he played this song and right out of the gate, I was like, “whoa, what is this?” It caught my attention. I hear, “Hey, Montana,” and I’m immediately drawn to it. I ended up connecting with the guy afterwards.

Six months down the road, we were on a whole different tour. I was riding with my manager, we were in Indiana, sold-out show that night. I remember we were had a good vibe going on and I pulled it up, Kyle’s demo of it, and I said, “what do you think of this?” He said, “man, this is good.” He’s like, “you ever thought about cutting somebody else’s song?” I said, “I don’t think I’ll ever do that.” He’s like, “I don’t know, this might be a good song for you, man.” We all decided right then and there, if Kyle was down for it, we were going to take it places. And Kyle has been more than supportive. So yeah, Kyle Winski wrote, “Hey, Montana” and it’s an incredible song. I’d love for everybody to go check it out. It’s something different, never done before. 

Fans can keep up with Chase Matthew on Instagram.

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