Chase Matthew Proves He Was ‘Born For This’ As He Watches His Dreams Come True: ‘It’s A Blessing’

Chase Matthew has been planting the seeds of his musical talent and he’s finally starting to see himself grow and…


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 19, 2022


8:36 am

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Chase Matthew; Photo by Justin Mayotte

Chase Matthew has been planting the seeds of his musical talent and he’s finally starting to see himself grow and prosper in the industry. In the most recent music video for his song, “Still Got My Truck,” Matthew proves his talent as he takes the hands-on approach in the process. 

YouTube video

The country singer prefers to work on his own truck rather than handing over the project to someone else, and the same goes for his music career. Co-written alongside his friend and up-and-coming songwriter Will Pattat, “Still Got My Truck” tells the true story of a past relationship that forced him to pick between his girl and his truck. 

“I was dating this girl and she told me, ‘all you ever do is work on that truck and I feel like you love that truck more than me,’” he told Country Now. “She gave me the ultimatum, ‘it’s me or the truck,’ and that’s kind of how it went right there.”

Chase Matthew; Photo by Hayden Burchett
Chase Matthew; Photo by Hayden Burchett

Based on the song and the music video, his choice is clear.

“I got everythin’ I need here / A full tank and my four-wheel drive / My road dog ridin’ shotgun / That don’t whine all the time / And I know that it ain’t perfect / The way you wanted me to be / It might need a few new parts / But it knows every part of me / You might’ve took my heart, my soul, my trust / But I still got my truck,” he sings in the chorus. 

The music video starts out with Matthew putting in the time on the red Dodge Ram with his “road dog” JD by his side. After watching his girl drive away for good, he loads JD in the truck and they take a trip to the local carwash, which is located in the small town of Tennessee where he grew up. 

“That’s at Chip’s market. He’s got a car wash back there and he was nice enough to let us use it,” Matthew shared. “He’s known me for years, so it’s really cool to be able to incorporate the hometown into it.”

By the end of the video, the man and his dog have found someone new, who hopefully will show more appreciation for his truck this time. 

From writing the song to putting together his own treatments for the video and even helping with directing, Matthew was involved from start to finish. This song is featured on his debut album, which proves that despite the people that have tried to tell him otherwise, he was Born For This

“It’s a blessing, but like it’s just crazy because I remember working my day job and I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just one of those things where there are no words for it. It’s overwhelming it in a good way.”

He added that the response he has received from this project is “everything” he could have hoped for.  The title track is focused on his ability to overcome all odds that were put in his way. 

YouTube video

“People try to tell you that you gotta go by the book. You have to go to college, you gotta graduate, you gotta do all this stuff. Honestly, I made some poor choices in my life where I didn’t graduate high school and still to this day, don’t have a GED. Someday, I’m gonna go back and get that just to say I did it, you know?”

Matthew had a tough start trying to break into the music industry. He auditioned for a prominent Nashville music school and unfortunately, received a less than encouraging comment from the casting director who said, ”He isn’t good enough.” With the support from his loved ones, he dusted off his boots and got back to work, ready to achieve his dreams with some guidance from the man upstairs.  

He said, “To me at the end of the day, it’s not about the music, it’s about the word and that word is Jesus. We’re not all perfect and I might cuss like a sailor and I might drink and I might smoke, but that’s between me and the Lord, not me and whoever’s trying to judge me or any of us.”

After that experience of getting knocked down, Matthew decided to use his voice to let others know they can also overcome those difficult moments and come out on the other side better than before. 

“If there’s anybody that’s anywhere similar to the shoes I was in, I mean, I could say the same cliche every time that everyone else would say, but keep going, don’t stop, don’t give up. The thing is, you have to hit rock bottom and you have to hit a limit in life. This is what I’m learning.” 

He especially lives by the words, “I trust in the Lord that no weapon form against me shall prosper, ‘cause he’ll put me where I’m supposed to be.”

This is the same message Matthew preaches at his shows with the understanding that he is also learning and growing more and more each day. 

“A lot of the times we beat ourselves up more than what other people do to us. We, we beat down on ourselves and feel like we’re not good enough. And anybody that wants to do music, man, music is a tough, a very tough business.”

Chase Matthew; Born For This
Chase Matthew; Born For This

He continued, “With any dream, you have to keep going, you do have to keep pushing and you have to know you’re good enough. You have to believe in yourself before anybody else can. That’s what I tell everybody every night, every show. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I mean, I wish somebody would’ve told me that, you know? I wish someone would’ve told me to keep going.”

The Tennessee native has been teasing new music, gaining excitement in his fans. They won’t have to wait too much longer because Matthew revealed that his next release will be one song that his listeners have already fallen in love with titled, “She Loves Jesus.” He also shared that there are bigger plans ahead for the fall. 

Until then, Chase Matthew will continue on the road for his headlining Born For This Tour, which has been a tremendous success. He has already had several sold-out dates and ticket sales continue to skyrocket. 

“My job is not to sing to them. It’s to make sure that they leave better than the way they came in. That’s kinda what this whole tour is about,” he shared. 

In addition to his own stint on the road, Matthew will be making a few stops with country artist Matt Stell for his recently announced The Man Made Tour.

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