11 Things You May Not Know About Lindsay Ell’s ‘heart theory’

Last year, Lindsay Ell released her career-defining sophomore album, heart theory, offering fans 12 of her most personal tracks to…


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March 12, 2021

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Lindsay Ell; Photo by Jeremy Cowart

Last year, Lindsay Ell released her career-defining sophomore album, heart theory, offering fans 12 of her most personal tracks to date. 

Among the tracks is the emotional lead single, “i don’t lovE you” and her recent Canadian chart-topper, “wAnt me back.” 

Garnering attention from fans and critics alike, it’s clear that heart theory resonated with people far and wide through its raw and honest lyrics and relatable subject matter. 

This week, the Canadian-born singer/songwriter earned her very first JUNO Awards nomination with the project earning a spot in the Country Album of the Year category. 

“I am incredibly proud to be a Canadian touring internationally and building my career around the world, but there is something about being nominated for my first JUNO Award ever that is truly so special,” Ell shared upon hearing the news. “I am thrilled and honoured to stand alongside my fellow Canadian artists who I look up to and cannot wait for the JUNO Awards in May!”

To celebrate Ell’s first-ever JUNO Awards nomination, we’re revisiting heart theory and revealing 11 fun facts about the critically acclaimed project. 

Lindsay Ell - Heart Theory
Lindsay Ell – Heart Theory

Here are 11 things you may not know about Lindsay Ell’s heart theory

1. Her single “wAnt me back” is Kane Brown’s first outside cut as a songwriter.

2. The capitalization of letters throughout the album track list spells out heart theory. 

3. The last day of tracking was the day before lockdown and she finished recording the vocals from her home studio and sent them back and forth with producer Dann Huff. 

4. The album is a concept record that follows the seven stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance. 

5. The song “make you” is autobiographical about Lindsay’s story of surviving sexual assault and inspired her to launch the Make You Movement.

6. Other artist writers on the record include Grammy nominees Brandy Clark and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line. 

7. The artwork in the CD and vinyl packing are color-coded to represent each stage of grief – and that theme has been carried out through visual content.

8. The only song on the album that she didn’t write is “I don’t lovE you,” which was written by Adam Hambrick, John Mark McMillian, Melissa Fuller and Neil Medley.

9. When Lindsay moved to Nashville from Calgary, she put one producer’s image on her vision board for her career, and it was Dann Huff. She finally got to work with him on this album. Not only was it a dream producer, but he is a guitar idol of hers.

10. To celebrate the release of the album, Lindsay did a 24-hour livestream on Instagram where she had a guest every hour from every time zone across the world.

11. The album hit No.1 on the all-genre iTunes chart in the first 24 hours of release, knocking Taylor Swift’s folklore out of that spot.

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