Abby Anderson Dishes On Her Latest Single, ‘Good Lord’

The rising star shares the story behind her feel-good new single.


Lauren Jo Black

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June 1, 2019

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Abby Anderson; Photo by John Shearer

After turning heads with her poignant debut single, “Make Him Wait,” Abby Anderson is back at country radio with a pop/country infused jam called “Good Lord.”

The up-tempo number is perfect for summer and puts Anderson’s bubbly personality on full display. Throughout the track, the Texas native gives thanks to the man upstairs for blessing her with the perfect man.

“I bet the good Lord took His sweet time on your dark hair and your brown eyes/ Must have had me on his mind when he made your Georgia smile,” she sings throughout the chorus.

The lyrics were inspired by Anderson’s real-life boyfriend, whose name she chooses to keep under wraps.

“This song is about my boyfriend I’ve been dating for the past year,” Anderson explains to Country Now. “There’s really no other way to explain it…Good Lord, I got a good man!”

The song came about at the end of 2018 when the Texas native decided she wanted to sing about her boyfriend. She already had the “good Lord, I got a good man” line written and pitched the idea to her co-writers, Josh Kerr and Jordan Minton. They decided to run with it and the rest is history.

Anderson insists “every line in that song is true” and can’t help but smile as she gushes over her muse.

“He leaves me letters on little Post-its when he leaves and [he] notices when I paint my nails a new color and notices when I don’t have my nails done,” she says with a laugh. “He makes me feel absolutely brilliant every day, just makes me feel like a million bucks.”

“I like to think I’ve always felt that, even when I was single, but to meet somebody who adds to it is pretty amazing,” she continues. “I hope everybody finds somebody like that.”

So, what does Anderson’s mystery man think of “Good Lord?”

“I don’t think he thinks much about it, honestly,” Anderson admits. “I sent him the song when we wrote it and I was like ‘I wrote a song about you.’ He loved it. I think he gets a little embarrassed sometimes, but he really doesn’t mind. He lets me do my thing and he just always says, ‘you write about what you want to write about.’”

While it’s her relationship that inspired “Good Lord,” Anderson looks to all aspects of her life when she’s in the writing room.

“I draw inspiration from every day, real-life situations I’m going through. Life for me, just like for everybody else, is not always sunshine and rainbows,” she confesses. “I have my moments of the dark clouds, but how you get through the dark cloud moments are, I think, very telling about your character. I’d like to think that I handle them with grace and get through it all with a smile on my face. I love writing about those moments, about the dark stuff in life, and how to handle it all with joy.”

Fans eager to hear more from Anderson should stay tuned for new music. She tells us she is “gonna keep rolling out the new tunes” through the end of the year.

Until then, fans can catch her on tour with Rob Thomas throughout the summer.

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