Adam Sanders Announces New EP, ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ – Hear the Title Track Now

Sanders’ new EP arrives on March 25.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 17, 2022


4:10 pm

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Adam Sanders; Photo by Amy Dickerson

Adam Sanders is gearing up to release new music!

The singer/songwriter announced his upcoming EP, I Wanna Be Somebody, which combines a ’90s country flare with modern energy. Fans have already gotten a taste of the more serious side of the tracks with his single “Good Day To Fly,” but the title track, “I Wanna Be Somebody,” brings something a little different to the collection. 

“It just felt like the song that would be perfect to lead off this project because the song is talking about this perfect day and the sun shining and I sort of visualize that as we get into spring here, with all the leaves and things starting to come back and us getting into some better weather than what we’ve had…It is a little different side of me,” Sanders recently told Country Now.

This project follows Sanders’ debut album, What If I’m Right, which set the standard for his intentions when it comes to his sound and image as an artist. The 6-track EP will feature songs that his fans will be expecting and others that will be new to his usual catalog. 

YouTube video

Co-written by Sanders, Mitch Rossell and Dave Turnbull, the motivating single, “I Wanna Be Somebody” encourages listeners to chase their dreams to the end of the Earth, while also resisting the urge to let success take over. Click above to hear the exclusive debut of the track. 

Sanders starts off the project strong, taking a positive outlook on life and prompting others to do the same.

“Being in music has been the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do in my life since as far back as I can remember. I’m finding that this ‘never give up’ attitude is starting to be a pillar of my brand,” he shared. “So ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ is a song that’s about never giving up on your dreams, but also a side of you that when you do start to see your dreams come true, that it doesn’t change who you are as a person.”

Success can often lead to more money, which can in turn greatly affect the way a person thinks and acts, no matter what field they are working in. Sanders, 33, is extremely cautious about this in his career because he wants to lead by example through his music. We hear his desire to do this through the lyrics in the hook, “I wanna be somebody, somebody would want to be.” Through the words he sings, Sanders realizes that not everyone can be perfect, but the best anyone can do is try.

“My thought is, no matter how far things go in my career and the successes I reach, I want to make sure that I always remember where I come from and still be humbled and be grateful by everything that’s happening,” Sanders said. “I hope it inspires people to do the same, I want to be a positive message for people out there.”

YouTube video

The first single released off Sanders’ upcoming EP, “Good Day To Fly,” looks at life a bit differently, as it was inspired by his father and his late grandfather. In the opening of the music video for the track, fans hear a kind voice – Sanders’ grandfather. This particular voicemail of his loved one who has passed was chosen because of the character details. It was emotional because it showed his grandpa’s age, but also the intense love in his voice. 

“If you listen a little harder, you can hear the ticking noise… Grandpa had Parkinson’s Disease and you can hear his hand shaking,” Sanders explained. 

This music video was just one of four shot within two days in North Florida, the place Sanders grew up. We went back to North Florida on the intercostal of my aunt’s place, which was where my grandfather passed away, in Jacksonville. We kinda combined all that together and then being from north Florida, it just felt like the right place to make the video happen.”

Once again, through his music, Sanders hopes to reach his audience by sharing experiences that they can relate to in their own personal stories of love, loss, heartbreak, and ambition. “My hope was that, even though I was thinking of my grandpa when I wrote the song, it’s not necessarily specific just to him. I think whether it’s a family member or a friend, or whoever else, my hope was fans could put their own lives into the lyrics and it mean something to them.”

I Wanna Be Somebody Cover -Adam Sanders
I Wanna Be Somebody Cover -Adam Sanders

Typically, Sanders won’t have this type of deep, sentimental value at the forefront of his songs. Instead, he tends to lean on the romantic and party tracks, but with this EP, he’s going to make his fans feel many different stages of emotions in the best way possible. From what he has already released, Sanders sees a lot of “depth and growth” in himself. 

“I want to be a guy that has songs that make people forget their everyday lives, but also I want to be a guy that can put out songs when someone needs this type of song in their life and their able to find something in my lyrics that affects their lives,” Sanders declared. 

There is plenty more on the horizon for Sanders this year. I Wanna Be Somebody will drop just in time for the spring season to take over, but when summer comes around, fans can expect to hear some new jams that will be perfect for a sunny day on the lake.

“I’m excited, I think as we start to release more music you’ll start to notice a common theme, but it’ll also feel fresh,” Sanders promised. 

I Wanna Be Somebody will drop on March 25. 

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