Jon Pardi Prepares for Headlining Tour and New Album: ‘We’re Really Buckling Down’

2022 is shaping up to be a busy year for Jon Pardi.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 17, 2022


3:36 pm

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Jon Pardi; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

2022 is the year of new music and high-energy nights for Jon Pardi, with his headlining tour and next album on the way. 

Starting off strong, Pardi’s latest release and first single off his upcoming album, “Last Night Lonely,” has just hit the country radio airwaves. The song, penned by Joe Fox, Jimi Bell and Dylan Marlowe, has been held in Pardi’s possession for about two years just waiting for the right time to be shared. In a clever way, the lyrics paint a picture of the moment you meet someone and realize it’s your last night lonely. For Pardi, that moment was his wedding night. 

“A good song will stick with you and that’s what I like,” Pardi recently told Country Now and other media outlets. “If I do have a song on hold a long time and it still sounds just as good as the first time you heard it when you’re going in and record it, that’s a good sign.”

“Last Night Lonely” 

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A lot of Pardi’s time in the next few months will be dedicated to writing and recording for the next album, which is currently set to drop this fall.

“We were rocking in 2021 and it was really busy,” he explained. “We really didn’t have much time to make the record and this year, we’re really buckling down on songwriting and making the record.”

Since it is still unfinished, the country hitmaker can’t say exactly what this album will look like as a whole, but what he can say is that his unnamed project is going to be “different” but “nothing crazy.” He’s ready to bring back some upbeat party songs that his fans are so used to, while also staying in the traditional country music realm.

“They’ll definitely be some different bills,” he explained. “But I know it’s going to be another great record full of good songs, upbeat and just having fun. I think all my records are fun and I think it’s really kind of sticking out now. So I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.”

Jon Pardi; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Jon Pardi; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

His full album might not be ready in time for his Ain’t Always The Cowboy Tour, but that doesn’t mean his shows will be anything short of a good time. For this jam-packed set of dates, he will be bringing along female Nashville artists on the rise, Lainey Wilson and Hailey Whitters. The “Headache Medication” singer had no doubt that these were the artists he wanted joining him on the road, not only because of the history they have together as friends and as songwriters, but also because of their great talent as artists. 

“First of all, I think they’re great. I’ve written with Hailey before, she’s a phenomenal writer. She’s just been doing really good with songwriting, and now she’s got her artist thing comin’ out. And Lainey has always been great. They’re both friends, we’ve both got history together. When I first came up with calling the tour, Ain’t Always a Cowboy, and saying, I wanted to bring two female acts, I never thought of anybody else. I said, ‘I want to get Lainey and I want to get Hailey’ because we’ve done shows together in the past…They were my first choices and we got them. Thank you, Lainey, because she could have went on tour with anybody. It’s going to be a fun time; I think it’s going to be a good night of entertainment on that tour.”


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During his recent sold-out headlining show at the Houston Rodeo, Pardi finished out his set in style. On March 5, he ended the night singing his hit songs, “Dirt On My Boots” and “Head Over Boots” before jumping onto horseback and taking a victory lap around the stadium as the band played “Deep In The Heart of Texas.” This was a moment that the crowd and Pardi will never forget. With a final tip of his cowboy hat, he waved goodbye to the fans and rode off. His upcoming tour will most likely not have the same dramatic ending, but there will be plenty of excitement. 

Just before his Aint Always A Cowboy Tour starts up, Pardi will open up the first two dates of the Brooks & Dunn REBOOT 2022 TOUR in Evansville, IN and Grand Rapids, MI with Tyler Booth. They weren’t able to join for the show in Nashville, but they decided these shows would be the next best thing, as they are drivable from Nashville. Pardi was originally asked to do the REBOOT tour in 2020, before it had to be rescheduled. He might only be joining them for one weekend, but he will still get to say that he toured with his heroes, Brooks & Dunn. “I’m part of the tour!” he said in excitement. 

“We’re always excited to play with Kix and Ronnie. They asked me to do that in 2020 and they didn’t tour that much in ’21 so they asked me again and I said, ‘heck, yeah,’” Pardi stated. “It’s just one of them, you know, with some your heroes you kind of just [want to] say, ‘yeah we went on tour.’ I know it’s only a weekend, but yeah, we were on tour with Brooks & Dunn. It’s just something cool to say, you know…It’s just going to be an easy couple of shows and we’re going to, just basically two excuses to go see their new their new tour.”

Jon Pardi will kick off his headlining tour in Irving, TX on July 14 and it will run through October 1 with a headlining show at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater. Tickets are available to purchase HERE

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