‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Debuts ‘She Gets It From Me’ Music Video

The track appears on Thompson’s debut EP.


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July 31, 2023

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Noah Thompson; Photo Courtesy YouTube

Noah Thompson is bringing his song, “She Gets It From Me” to life in a brand new music video. 

The just-released clip features glimpses of a joyfully affectionate couple that are skillfully interwoven with performance clips of Thompson.

“That stay out too late/ And a taste for good whiskey/ Laugh when it hurts/ And bad words when she’s tipsy/ The hand she can hold and a life full of memories/ ‘Cause every wish, every kiss/ Yeah, she gets it from me/ Day or night, rain or shine/ Yeah, she gets it from me,” Thompson sings as clips of the couple flash across the screen. 

Fans were quick to show their support for Thompson in the comments section of his Instagram post announcing the music video. 

“You’re so amazing,” wrote one Instagram user wrote, while another added, “I love this one!” 

Co-written by Michael Tyler, Chris LaCorte, and Ross Ellis and produced by Jimmy Robbins, “She Gets It From Me” appears on Thompson’s debut EP, Middle Of God Knows Where. The project was released in June and features six tracks.   

He teased the song prior to the release of the EP, and it quickly became a favorite among the American Idol winner’s ever-growing fan base. 

“Yeah, I was teasing that for a while, and I’m super stoked about it too, just because people responded to it fairly well and I think people are really gonna enjoy it. It’s obviously not a breakup song, it’s actually the complete opposite,” Thompson explained during a recent interview with Country Now. 

As a whole, the project showcases Thompson’s growth as an artist and a songwriter. He co-wrote the songs “Us No More” and “Middle of God Knows Where” and hopes to continue to release more songs he had a hand in writing. 

Noah Thompson; Middle Of God Knows Where
Noah Thompson; Middle Of God Knows Where

“I’ve always written my own music, but it’s just stuff that I’ve never really shared before I moved to Nashville,” he explained. “But I’m starting to kind of open up and show more writers what I’m basically wanting to do, and what I want to sound like. I’m super stoked about putting these songs out. I seriously cannot wait for people to hear them and just see how people feel about them. They definitely mean something to me.”

Noah Thompson’s “She Gets It From Me” music video follows the release of his first-ever video for “Middle of God Knows Where.” In the video, an intense exhibition of emotions is revealed as two former partners immerse themselves in the recollections of their past relationship. Thompson skillfully presents a heartfelt portrayal of the heartbreak-driven narrative, while the actors vividly depict the anguish of navigating life without someone who was once an integral part of their daily existence. 

Re-live the video below.

Since being crowned the winner of American Idol season 20, Thompson has been hard at work crafting his new music. He’s also spent quite a bit of time touring, including a co-headlining run with American Idol runner-up, HunterGirl, last fall. 

Next up, Noah Thompson is set to perform at the Braxton County Fair on August 5. 

On September 9, Thompson will return to his hometown of Louisa, Kentucky for the Lawrence County Septemberfest. A complete list of Thompson’s upcoming tour dates can be found HERE.    

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