‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Shares Candid Dad Moments While Shoe Shopping With Son, Walker

“This is what it’s like trying to shoe shop with a 2 year old,” the Kentucky native explained.


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October 6, 2023


9:23 am

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Noah Thompson, Son Walker; Photos via TikTok

Noah Thompson gets candid with fans in a new social media post as he shares a glimpse into the reality behind being a dad to his two-year-old son Walker Lee.

“This is what it’s like trying to shoe shop with a 2-year-old, this kids sense of humor is too funny to not try and video some of it,” Thompson wrote in the caption of the clip, which finds him attempting to showcase the less glamorous and more wholesome side of his life.

First he shows Walker a pair of shoes and asks for his opinion, to which the young boy simply says, “that’s cool” and closes the top of the shoe box. 

Thompson then catches Walker’s attention for a moment as he asks, “you think you’re gonna look good in those?” The young boy responds with a head nod and a smile of approval. 

However, Walker doesn’t stay focused long. As soon as the singer/songwriter pulls out another pair of shoes, Walker appears to be distracted with the various shelves and shoes at his level and suddenly the screen turns to darkness when he accidentally pushes the phone over. Feeling as though he did something wrong, Walker can be heard saying “sorry” in an adorable voice behind the camera. 

By the end of the lighthearted video, Thompson and Walker (somewhat) agree on two pairs of shoes to take home.

Many fellow parents took to the comment section to share in Thompson’s amusement of the situation while also adding that they understand the struggles he’s facing and commended him on being a good father. 

“I remember those days!! You’re a good Daddy Noah,” one user wrote while another said, “Treasure these moments they go by so fast 😭.”

Noah Thompson and Son; Photo via Instagram
Noah Thompson and Son; Photo via Instagram

When he’s not enduring funny parenting moments like this one, the American Idol champ is either out on the road or in the studio putting together music for his fans, who have been begging him to drop some new tunes.  

In another video shared to Instagram on September 14, he teased that new music is on the way and expressed his appreciation for his fans and their patience as they await his next release. Throughout the clip, he explained that while it’s been “a minute” since he’s dropped new music, “there’s definitely some stuff coming.”

“Putting music out is a process, man. It takes time, goes through a lot of people, figuring out what you want to say as an artist sometimes it’s hard to figure out, but you know, just takes time. There is new music coming for sure. There’s a lot of songs that I feel really, really good about, songs that I love and hopefully you love.”

He then added that he will continue to share snippets of these forthcoming tunes through social media. 

In conclusion, Thompson shared, “I just wanted to thank y’all so much for bearing with me and sticking around with me. I love y’all so much and I appreciate y’all from the bottom of my heart.”

Most recently, the Mississippi native dropped three new music videos for his fan favorites, “She Gets It From Me,” “Us No More,” and “One Day Tonight,” each of which has already scored approval among his listeners. 

YouTube video

These tunes appear on the Kentucky native’s debut EP, Middle Of God Knows Where. Released on Friday, June 9, the six-track project showcases a journey of tremendous grit and determination that began with his time on Idol.

Before this collection, Thompson had only released outside cuts, meaning this is the first time he’s getting to showcase songs that he had a hand in writing. The title track is one of these original works, along with the brand-new, “Us No More.” 

The rest of the collection includes the title track, “Make You Rich,” and his cover of Rhianna’s “Stay.”

Noah Thompson; Middle Of God Knows Where
Noah Thompson; Middle Of God Knows Where

Noah Thompson has a slew of upcoming permeances on the books. He is next slated to appear at the Bonifay Rodeo Dance in Bonifay, FL on Oct. 7. Then, he will head to shows in Nashville, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Oklahoma.  

A complete list of Thompson’s upcoming tour dates can be found HERE.    

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