Arthur Gunn Has ‘American Idol’ Judges Dancing To His Incredible Rendition of Wynonie Harris Song

American Idol made history on Sunday night (April 26), returning for the first of many live shows broadcasting from the homes of the cast and contestants around the country. Live to tape from 28 states, Sunday night’s episode showcased performances from the Top 20. Making the most of the situation, producers shipped each contestant equipment and had them perform from home alongside the Idol band. The judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, as well as host, Ryan Seacrest, and in-house mentor, Bobby Bones, also appeared from their homes.

Standout contestant Arthur Gunn performed Wynonie Harris’ single “Lovin’ Machine,” showcasing his incredibly unique vocals.

“From the beginning of that performance, you were definitely giving us such a vibe. One thing to keep in mind, try and connect with your eyes and look at the camera like were right there in front of you, that’s gonna be your advantage,” Perry told him.

“Your complete shyness is your secret weapon, you draw us in to where we think your gonna shut down and then all of sudden you just give it to us,” Richie added.

“What is undeniable is your vocal quality and your vocal sound and your natural ability and once you really start understanding how potentially ginormous of a star you can be man, it’s just gonna be like a wildfire,” Bryan gushed. “Great job, man.”

Gunn previously stunned the judges with covers of Bob Marley, Creedence Clearwater Revival. He impressed Luke Bryan so much earlier in the show that Bryan even invited him to open for him.

The Top 20 will be narrowed down to the Top 10 come next week. Fans who would like to vote for Arthur Gunn can vote online or by texting 16 to 21523.