Bailey Zimmerman Battles A Fading Love Story In New Song, ‘Fix’n To Break’

The country artist welcomes his first release of 2023.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 10, 2023


12:15 pm

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Bailey Zimmerman; Photo by Spidey Smith

Bailey Zimmerman continues his run of taunting breakup anthems with his brand-new song, “Fix’n To Break.

In the opening verse, Zimmerman steadies his well-established strength and ability to get through just about anything. But as listeners quickly find out, there’s something about the relationship in this narrative that is bringing him to his breaking point. 

His gritty vocals take charge as he begs his love interest to answer the question, “Are we fixin’ to break?”

“Tell me somethin’ / What’s been on your mind? / Are you thinkin’ ’bout runnin’? / ‘Cause I’m sittin’ here, losin’ mine/ And there ain’t nothin’ / You can say to me right now to change the way I love you / But if it’s up to you this time / Tell me what it is you’rе thinkin’, shoot me straight / Are we fixin’ to brеak,” he continues into the chorus. 

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Throughout his successful career as a budding artist, fans have seen the true depths of his talent come to life in songs like “Rock and A Hard Place,” his platinum-selling viral hit, “Fall In Love,” “Where It Ends,” and more. With his latest release, which he co-wrote with Austin Shawn, Chandler Walters, Gavin Lucas and Sergio Sanchez, Zimmerman proves once again that he’s willing to put in the effort to dig this crumbling relationship out of the ruble. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-man job, and there may be no saving it if his other half isn’t willing to do the same. 

“We’ve been fightin’ like hell and sellin’ ourselves / Maybe we’d be better off with someone else,” he concludes as he strives for a resolution to continue on with their love story or finally put it to rest. 

After teasing the new tune on social media for some time, fans have been eagerly awaiting its official release. Now that it’s in their hands, positive responses to the tune have taken over Zimmerman’s comment section on social media. Some have even declared it to be their favorite song in his entire catalog. 

One user wrote, “I LOVE IT!!!!! I cried,” while another one said, “I have it on repeat ❤️🔥.”

“If you’re thinking about ending things with that one person, listen to this song,” he wrote in a clip previewing the hard-hitting ballad. 

The new music arrives as his current single “Rock And A Hard Place” rises into the Top 10 at country radio within just nine weeks. The track has spent five consecutive weeks as the No. 2 most-streamed country song of the year in the US and earned nearly 400 million global streams to date. It’s currently No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and heading towards a spot in the Top 15 on their Hot 100 chart as well.

This year, singer/songwriter will get the opportunity to showcase the extent of his country music reign as he joins Morgan Wallen on the road for his One Night At A Time World Tour.

As the tear-jerking realization sets in that he will get to further his career with this upcoming stint of shows, the viral hitmaker was suddenly struck with all he had accomplished in 2022. 

Bailey Zimmerman, Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy Bailey Zimmerman
Bailey Zimmerman, Morgan Wallen; Photo Courtesy Bailey Zimmerman

“I played my first arena show with Brooks & Dunn and afterwards I got in the car to go to Chicago and my managers called me and they’re like ‘hey, we got some crazy stuff,” Zimmerman explained during an appearance on Good Morning America (GMA). “We had to turn down this one tour,’ and it was like one of my favorite artists and I was like ‘why? Why’d we turn it down?’ He said ‘because Morgan Wallen’s gonna take you on tour next year.’ And I just started crying… My whole band, we started crying because it’s like man, this is why we work so hard and we work day and night writing these songs and doing all this stuff. So, it’s gonna be a crazy year. I’m really excited.”

The massive Stadium trek will kick off in Auckland, NZ at Spark Arena on March 15, 2023, and continue on through 4 countries and 2 continents. Bailey Zimmerman and fellow country star ERNEST will serve as support throughout the entire journey. HARDY and Parker McCollum will also join the tour on select dates.

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