Blake Shelton Considers Growing a Mullet After Kenzie Wheeler’s Luke Combs Cover on ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton, Kenzie Wheeler
Blake Shelton, Kenzie Wheeler; Photos via YouTube
Blake Shelton, Kenzie Wheeler

The Voice contestant Kenzie Wheeler has Blake Shelton considering growing his mullet back. 

Wheeler took the stage during the final night of The Voice Knockouts for a performance of Luke Combs’ “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” His performance earned praise from his coach Kelly Clarkson as well as Blake Shelton, who predicted he might just win the entire competition. He also got up out of his seat to get a good look at Wheeler’s mullet. 

“I gotta see something here. You’re probably going to win this show…” Shelton proclaimed as he walked across the set. “You’re probably going to win The Voice and that haircut’s going to be trending and I want to be in on it.”

“You gonna grow one?” Wheeler asked. 

“That’s why I’m getting a good look at it,” Shelton exclaimed. 

All jokes aside, Shelton advised Clarkson to advance Wheeler to the next round. 

“Kenzie, he’s the real deal and we can joke about the hairdo and all that but you’re a talented SOB,” Shelton said. “You really are man, I would probably go with Kenzie.”

Clarkson took Shelton’s advice. 

“You’re captivating and you have a natural gift on stage of drawing people in and want to be friends with you or want to get a beer with you,” Clarkson said. 

Wheeler will now advance to the live rounds of The Voice. Click above to watch his performance.