Blake Shelton Duets with Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Ian Flanigan on ‘Grow Up’

Flanigan says working with Shelton was an “absolute pleasure.”


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May 14, 2021

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Blake Shelton, Ian Flanigan

After landing a spot in the Top 3 on Season 19 of The Voice, Ian Flanigan is back with his debut single for Reviver Records. The track, dubbed “Grow Up,” features a very special guest: his The Voice coach, Blake Shelton. 

Co-written by famed Nashville tunesmiths Jon Nite, Chase McGill and Jessie Jo Dillon, “Grow Up” is all about living life in the moment.

“They say we never gonna grow/ Well they might be right/ ‘Cause we’re loud, we’re alive/ And tonight we’re raisin’ something cold up/ We thought we would one day/ But hey we aint ’cause one day still ain’t showed up/ Guess we ‘re never gonna grow up,” goes the chorus. 

Shelton harmonizes with Flanigan throughout the track. The newly engaged singer and father of one opened up to Music Mayhem about the chance to work with Shelton and revealed how the collab came about. 

“We reached out to see if he had any interest, and he did,” Flanigan explained. “Blake has a history of helping previous contestants from the show and I’m so grateful for his generosity and that the timing worked out for us to do this.”

He called the opportunity to work with Shelton an “absolute pleasure.” 

“I’m a huge fan of his music and him as a person,” Flanigan shared. “He’s great to hang with, and a real pro in the studio.”

Click above to listen to Flanigan’s “Grow Up” featuring Blake Shelton. 

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